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7 Best Christmas Apps for iOS and Android – 2020

by Vaibhav

I’ve already started prepping up for Christmas. But like all the other festivals, there is so much that I will miss out on only to find a day before when it’s too late. Getting gifts, making a wishlist, creating a playlist, and more. Plus, if you’ve kids, keeping up with their excitement is a different task altogether. So, if you’re looking to make Christmas easier and merrier, here are some of the best Christmas apps for iOS and Android.

Best Christmas Apps for 2020

1. Christmas Countdown

If you’re someone who cannot contain their excitement or are simply getting anxious because you’re running out of time for prepping your house for the big day, this app is for you. It shows you different types of countdown timers such as days, nights, and even seconds remaining if you like. All of this is nicely packaged in a themed UI with Santa, Christmas trees, etc. These can be customized along with added music.

The app has an advent calendar which shows you wallpapers, HD wallpapers and other ideas and tips for Christmas

The app is free and has zero ads, which is great. However, if you wish to add widgets to the screen and unlock more music, there’s a premium version that comes at $1.5.

Get Christmas Countdown for iOS | Android

2. Message from Santa

If you’ve kids in the house who’re always asking you questions about Santa and gifts they’d be getting, a message from Santa is likely to calm them down. This Christmas app features a few interactive ways to keep a child busy. For example, you can create a video message with personalized details, a phone call, voicemail to leave a message from Santa, and a simulated chat-box where you can chat with him in real-time. As an adult, I found a few bugs, such as replies like ‘I’m not sure’ from the chatbot but I’m sure, this won’t let the excitement of a child down, but not too bad.

The app also has few in-app purchases which range from $1.99 to $19.99. This unlocks all features, removes ads, gives access to Santa videos, and even lets you get a personalized video from the man in red suit which can have details of your child.

Get Message from Santa for iOS | Android

Best Christmas Apps

3. Christmas Wallpapers Live

If you have already bought a Christmas tree and decorated your house, why not add some Christmas-feel to your phone as well? My favorite and best Christmas app offer plenty of themed wallpapers that you can apply on your home and lock screen. You can choose between static and live wallpapers and add your own images to the gallery too.

The app also gives tons of customization options. You can schedule wallpaper changes in intervals, add frames, 3D effects, moving elements, and tweak the size/speed/quantity of these elements. The app is only available on Android but you can check out an iOS alternative here.

Get Christmas Wallpapers Live

Best Christmas Apps

4. Christmas Songs

Christmas day celebrations are incomplete if you don’t play Christmas carols and other jingles in your house. There are plenty of ways you can do that, like playing it on YouTube if you have an Android TV or a curated Spotify playlist. However, if you’re looking for the best Christmas app that can work anywhere, you can give this a try. Works offline.

It features over 20 songs which can also be downloaded to local storage with a single tap. You also have a share button right on the app that sends audio files directly to social media platforms such as WhatsApp.

It’s a great app provided you get to play songs offline, but I wish the developer adds a duration tab for easy control. Besides that, the app has banner ads but they are non-intrusive.

Get Christmas Songs Free for Android

Best Christmas Apps

5. Elfster: The Secret Santa App

Christmas kicks in the holiday season but the other thing that gets me excited is the secret Santa gift exchange that happens in organizations and offices around the globe. If you’re on the receiving end, great but if you’re the one responsible for organizing it, this app can make things easier for you. Sign up with your Facebook, Google, or Apple ID.

You can create secret Santa exchanges, set up an exchange date(s), sign-up deadline(s), and also gift budget(s). The app allows you to sync contacts so you can create quick invites. Once you’re done, the exchange shows up on the app’s homepage along with a daily countdown. Besides that, you can also create a wishlist, browse gift ideas, and share it with friends so they know what to get you.

Get Elfster: The Secret Santa App for iOS | Android

6. Yasa Pets Christmas

An interactive dollhouse game that is free and contains no in-app purchases. The kids get to roam around in the house and visit various parts like the living room, which has tons of gifts that they can open and play with. Other areas include the kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, etc., where kittens can do daily chores just like you do in a real dollhouse.

Since this app is made for kids browsing through the house, it was designed to be scrolled using just a swipe. There are no bells and whistles. Just download and leave your kids with the kittens and let them have some fun.

Get Yasa Pets Christmas for iOS | Android

7. 7-in-1 Xmas Fun

If your kids get bored of texting Santa, you can get them busy with 7-in-1 Christmas themed games. There are multiple mini-games such as dress up snowman, memory game, Christmas gift collection challenge, cookie baking, etc. The app has a toon filled UI and the background music will keep your kids focused while you prep up for Christmas night.

You can remove ads by upgrading to the Pro version for $2.99.

Get 7 In 1 Xmas Fun for iOS

Closing Remarks: Best Christmas Apps for iOS & Android – 2020

So here were some of the best Christmas apps for iOS & Android platforms that you can try right away. I personally use the countdown timer to keep a track of my preparations. Hope you try them all and find the perfect fit for you. Merry Christmas!

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