8 Best Clipboard Managers for Android (2018)

It happens to the best of us. We copy a piece of text but even before we paste it elsewhere, we copy something else and lose the previously copied text! This is frustrating and infuriating.

While Android smartphones don’t come with a built-in clipboard manager, there are many third-party clipboard managers available on the Play Store. But don’t worry, we are doing the heavy lifting for you. Here are 8 clipboard managers for Android that will help you manage your copied texts with ease and boost your productivity instantly, and sometimes insanely.

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Clipboard Managers for Android

1. Clip Stack

Clip Stack is an open source clipboard manager app that doubles as a GTD (getting things done) app. It stores and remembers all your cuts and copied text even when you reboot your Android phone. You can create tasks from them. Apart from storing clips, it allows users to share and star clips as well as merge two clippings into one.

How to access clips: To access these clips, swipe down the notification center. There you can switch the recent 5 texts right in the notification area. Notification will be displayed only when copying new text and you can dismiss it with a swipe or even disable it by a long press.

Who should use it: If you are looking for a no-nonsense, simple and free clipboard manager, then Clip Stack would be a good choice for you.

Price: Free, with no ads

clip stack clipboard for android

2. Clipboard Manager

Clipboard Manager (a generic name!) is another Android app that takes copying text and storing clips to a whole new level. Apart from the obvious feature that will automatically save anything that you copy, Clipboard Manager will also allow you to create unlimited categories to store unlimited clips, merge two notes into one, search your notes, and order them by date or size. You can lock it if you believe there is sensitive data in the app.

You can translate text to another language, search for them in Google Search, and find an address directly on Google Maps. Because it offers so many features in the free version itself, it makes it one of the better clipboard managers for Android in the list.

How to access clips: Swipe down from the notification area and tap on the clip to open it.

Who should use it: If you are looking for an app that does more than just keep track of your clippings, this is for you.

Price: Ad-supported

clipboard manager app

3. Clipper – Clipboard Manager

Clipper Clipboard Manager is one of most downloaded and reviewed clipboard app in the list. It comes with in-app purchases – Clipper Plus. The free version will allow you to store up to 20 clips and as you copy more clips, old ones will be deleted automatically. The free version also serves ads at the bottom which can be a little annoying.

The premium or the plus version allows you to store unlimited clippings without serving ads and syncs your data online. There is also an inbuilt search feature.

The app is very stable and paid version means it will be supported better. But, it offers little value when compared with some of the other apps we have reviewed here.

How to access clips: Swipe down from the notification area.

Who should use it: You should use this app if you need a stable and easy to use app.

Price: $1.5

Clipper - Clipboard Manager

4. Native Clipboard Manager

If you like material design and functionality both in a single app, then Native Clipboard Manager might end your quest. You can change the height and width of the clipboard manager to match your keyboard layout. You can also choose from different themes and colors. The layout is floatable so you can move it around on your screen while typing. Apart from all the basic features, some of the advanced features like map and navigation, text translation, and search functions are missing.

How to access clips: Swipe down from the notification area or you can also access it in the browser using floating option. There are shortcuts available like the double and tripple tap.

Who should use it: Use it if you are looking for a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing design.

Price: Open source, free, and not ad-supported

native clipboard manager


5. Free Multi Clipboard Manager

One of the more robust Android clip managers, it offers a host of useful features like managing and organizing notes and clips, detecting and reading OTP messages, multiple device syncs, and much more. It will allow you to create unlimited categories with unlimited notes and text size.

The main selling point of the app is multi-device sync and cloud backup. If you would like to copy and paste URLs and other text from one device to another, this will easily solve the problem. The app is also colorful and aesthetically pleasing.

How to access clips: Swipe down from the notification area.

Who should use it: Use it if you want cloud backup and sync, and want your clips on different devices.

Price: Free version is Ad-supported or $2/month for paid version

free multi clipboard manager

6. Clipboard Actions

Clipboard Actions is a free to use, powered by donations, and an Android app that offers a bunch of actions directly inside your Android notification center. You can listen to your copied clips, filter and call a number directly, share an image or a video, convert one currency to another, translate text to another language, search text on Google Search, filter email ID and send an email and much more.

You can also create a QR code directly from your copied text to share with peers. The in-app purchase option is for accepting donations only. When you open the app for the first time, you will be greeted with a user guide that will explain all the features and take you through the app.

How to access clips: Swipe down from the notification area.

Who should use it: Use it if you want a free app with advanced features like translation, maps, and search.

Price: Free (accepts donations)

clipboard actions

7. Easy Copy

Easy Copy wants to make your life easy. Apart from offering advanced features like search, location and maps, call, SMS, share, calendar and translation, Easy Copy offer one more feature.

Every time you copy something, the app will open a popup tray that will allow you to carry the required function with ease.

It also offers two more functions in the Plus version. You can create an event from your clip in Google Calendar app and you can copy clips inside apps too.

Before you begin to harness the complete power of Easy Copy, you will have to allow the app necessary permissions. Go to Settings – Advanced – Accessibility and choose Easy Copy. Toggle the option to Yes and close it. In essence, it is very similar to Clipboard Actions app but it comes with an Easycopy+ version.

Easy Copy is the only true rival of Clipboard Actions reviewed above, but with a freemium model.

How to access clips: Swipe down from the notification area or activate it  by copying something in-app

Who should use it: Use it if you want additional features ability to copy in-app apart from advanced features like maps, call, email id, translate, and calendar events.

Price: Free version ad-supported, paid version $1.5

easy copy

8. Universal Copy

The reason why Universal Copy clip manager made the list is that, as the name suggests, this app is capable of copying text and saving them in the clip manager from almost anywhere. You can copy text from any app like Twitter and YouTube, and you can also copy text from your home screen. It literally works anywhere and everywhere. The app is free to use and free from any ads.

How to access clips: Swipe down from the notification area.

Who should use it: Use it if you don’t want maps, translation, and other features provided by Easy Copy and Clipboard Action. but just need an app that simply works anywhere and everywhere.

Price: Accepts donations

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universal copy


Wrapping Up – Clipboard Managers for Android

Copying text and then losing it later can be a pain like no other. Sometimes, you end up losing valuable information and other times, you have to go back and search again.

We loved Clipboard Action for the number of features it offers for free. We loved Easy Copy for providing two additional features over Clipboard Action; in-app copy and creating an event in Google Calendar.

An Android clipboard manager is a must for every device. Which one you choose is completely up to you, but make sure you have got one in place for that emergency situation.

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