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How to Close All Safari Tabs at Once on iPhone

by Kaushal
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Apple has always done things its own way and at its own pace. More often than not, certain features that Android users have enjoyed for a long time are found missing on the iPhone. Case in point is the ability to close all tabs at once in Safari browser on iPhone. In fact, the UI is pretty consistent which is why you can’t close all open apps at once either. You have to swipe them one at a time which can be frustrating if there are too many apps open. The same is true for open Safari tabs and you have to close them individually.

Surprisingly, there is a way to close all open Safari tabs at once, however, it’s not easy to find. That’s why I’ll be showing you a step-by-step guide on how to close all Safari tabs at once on the iPhone. Let’s begin.

Close All Safari Tabs at Once

The way to close all open Safari tabs is fairly simple and similar on all iOS versions but I have installed iOS 15 developer beta so the interface may look a little different. The usual way to close Safari tabs is to swipe a tab left but if you have hundreds of tabs open then it doesn’t make any sense.

1. Start by opening the Safari browser on your iPhone. You can list all the tabs by tapping the tabs button on the bottom bar. To close all the tabs at once, tap and hold the Tab button to bring up the popup menu.

If you just tap the Tabs button then it won’t show you option to close all tabs.

open safari on iPhone. Tap and hold the tabs button

2. Now, you would see an option to close the current tab, all the tabs, etc. Tap Close All Tabs and that’s it.

Close all tabs on Safari in iphone

Final Words: Close All Tabs in iPhone

This is how you can empty the tabs grid in the Safari browser. It looks easy once you figure it out but if you didn’t know then it can leave you scratching your head. What do you think of this method? Let me know on Twitter.

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