Convert document to Pdf with Google Chrome

There are lots of website and software that let you convert text into pdf but Problem with them are you either need an internet connection or software installation in your system .

But what in case of emergency when you don’t have any of this , well there is simple trick with which you can convert document into Pdf all you need is google chrome install in your system.

Follow these simple steps

  • Drag and Drop your file into chrome.

Drag and Drop your file into chrome

  • After Chrome has open your file , right click anywhere inside the browser and select print option or use the short-key Ctrl + P.

Drag and Drop your file into chrome

  • Save the page as PDF and press OK and downloaded it as PDF.

Convert any document into Pdf with Google Chrome

You can also use this as a offline PDF editor

Watch this video tutorial on how to use chrome as pdf converter. Here I have used Ubuntu for demonstration but you can use any os you like.

Edit your Pdf file online with Pdf escape , tough it offers you only basic edit of your document but I mainly used it to fill out the pdf forms, and another great about this website is , this allows you to Password Protect PDF Content.

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