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How to Convert PDF Files to DWG Anywhere

by Gaurav Bidasaria
How to Convert PDF Files to DWG and Vice Versa

The PDF format was pioneered by Adobe but is now used by everyone all over the web. DWG is a file format used for drawing and is again an old and popular format. It is licensed by AutoCAD and used for all 2D and 3D design files made with the popular app. AutoCAD is owned by Autodesk. Interestingly, you can also export AutoCAD designs in PDF format which leads to an interesting problem. How do you convert PDF to DWG format and vice versa?

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Before We Convert PDF to DWG Format Anywhere

If you have exported AutoCAD design in PDF but now need to convert it into DWG or vice versa, there are some web, desktop, and even mobile apps that can help with the conversion. There are a few points that should be noted though.

Converting PDF files made via AutoCAD to DWG format and vice versa delivers better results. When uploading files to web apps, there is always a potential privacy and security risk. If you feel that the file is sensitive in nature, better use a desktop app that works offline. If you must have a web app, go for one that doesn’t save data on their servers.

With these thoughts in mind, let’s begin.

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1. EasyPDF (Web App)

EasyPDF allows users to convert PDF files to AutoCAD or DWG file format for free and anonymously. The latter is why this app is the first one on the list. No need to create an account and they claim that the files are deleted from the servers after a few hours.

using easypdf to convert pdf to dwg


  • Free to use
  • No registrations required
  • Files deleted after few hours
  • Supports Dropbox and Google Drive
  • No limit on number of conversions or file size


  • Only supports PDF files created by AutoCAD
  • No way to convert DWG to PDF

Visit EasyPDF

2. Autodesk (Desktop)

Why not use Autodesk to convert PDF files to DWG? It is trustworthy, safe, and if you have access to the paid version, why not? The process is not immediately obvious and will require messing around with commands. There is a support page that explains how you can use the PDFImport command to import and convert PDF to DWG format.

Here’s a good video explaining the whole process and settings involved.


  • Safe and secure
  • Accurate results but depends on PDF quality
  • Resulting DWG is editable in the same app


  • AutoCAD is not free
  • Process is not straightforward
  • No web app

3. AutoDWG (Web, Desktop)

AutoDWG offers both a web and desktop app to convert PDF files to DWG but there is also a tool to convert DWG files to PDF. So it cuts both ways. The web version only supports PDF to DWG but is free while the desktop version is paid but offers more features and is faster.

convert pdf to dwg using web app


  • Web and desktop app
  • Convert PDF to DWG and vice versa
  • Web app is free


  • Desktop is not free and slightly expensive for the job
  • Doesn’t support cloud storage sites

Download AutoDWG

4. Convert PDF to DWG

This is an Android app designed to do one thing and it’s apparent from the name. I find the desktop and web apps more robust but that’s just me. This particular Android app will convert PDF and the resulting DWG will have texts, lines, polylines, splines, and images. Nothing else.

convert pdf to dwg android app ui

One of the best mobile apps to convert and manage PDF and DWG files on the Play store. There are a few others that you can try but for most, this should be enough. There are no in-app purchases and so no way to remove ads but they are not intrusive and appear at the bottom of the screen which is okay.


  • Free
  • Quick and fast


  • UI could be better

Download Convert PDF to DWG

5. PDF to AutoCAD Converter

The PDF to AutoCAD app works fine however there is just one caveat in the free version. You will have to wait for 60 to 90 minutes before the converted file is available to download. On the plus side, there are no ads. Just waiting period. It supports Gmail and all the popular cloud storage solutions.

pdf to autocad converter app for ios for pdf to dwg file conversion


  • Free and no ads
  • Support Gmail
  • Suport popular cloud storage solutions


  • Waiting period of 60-90 minutes

Download PDF to AutoCAD Converter

Wrap Up: Converting PDF to DWG Format

There are plenty of other tools to convert a PDF file to DWG and vice versa for free. There are some paid apps too that offer more features like bulk conversion, faster turn around times, and no ads. You can choose the one that suits your needs depending on the platform that you are using. So, which one are you using and why?

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