10 funny Websites List to Kill Boredom

Getting Bored !! But Don’t want to waste your time on Facebook, twitter or any social networking sites. Then you have come to right place, In this article I have made a list of 10 funny Websites List to Kill Boredom.

1. Help drunken man

The objective of this game is to prevent the drunken man falling on the floor. To do that move your mouse to the left or right to keep the drunk guy with bottle walking for as long and far as possible.


Don’t try this game or you will get addicted to it.

Help drunken man-cool Websites

2. iiiiiiii


There is nothing in this website (see screenshot) other than the song made from letter “i” repeatedly. Which kind of cool.

iiiiiii-funny websites

3. Monoface


Click the mouth, nose, head, and each eye to create a different shape and size of face, most of them funny.

Monoface funny websites


4. Fall Down


You have to keep the ball rolling, this may look easy but trust me it’s not, especially when you get addicted to this game.

Fall Down funny game


5. Cool Facts


Nice collection of facts that will make you pull down your hair and make you say Oh My god!

Cool Facts funny websites

6. Tontie Flash Game


A very simple yet addictive flash game.

 Tontie Flash Game funny websites

7. String Spin


Make cool looking 3d shapes by clicking anywhere in the space.

fallen down funny websites

8. Online Chatting


The Internet is full of cool people. Omegle lets you meet complete stranger by just a click. The best part no login, no signup omegle provide complete anonymity.
omegle funny websites

9. Chat to igod


Hilarious chat with god, which is obviously a well programed robot.

igod funny websites



10 . Throw the Penguin


Online Flash game where you earn points by Smashing the penguin with a baseball bat. Good for multi players.

Throw the Penguin- funny flash website

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