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7 Best Countdown Apps for Mac Users

by Kaushal
countdown apps for macs

Whether you’re waiting for the upcoming Marvel film or expecting a major event in your hometown, a countdown app would remind you of the precise time left and hype your excitement. There are apps for every occasion and I’ve made a list of countdown apps for Mac that you should check out.

1. Countdowns

The Menubar is the perfect place to put a countdown as you can quickly glance to the top of the Mac screen and check the time left. It has a few presets such as the upcoming new year, Independence Day, upcoming FIFA world cup, Christmas, etc. You can also create your own countdowns and name those accordingly.

countdowns- countdown app for mac

The app is available on the App Store for free and costs $1/mo for unlimited countdowns.

Get Countdowns (free, in-app purchases)

2. Progress Bar

Think of this app as the battery indicator equivalent of your crucial life events. It shows how much your event has progressed, be it your year, days since you quit smoking, or any other upcoming event. The interface is minimal and the icon actually looks like a battery icon draining or filling up, based on your countdown.

progress bar- countdown with battery sign

You can create as many progress bars with this app and they all sit neatly on the Menubar. The app would set your back $10 for a lifetime license.

Get Progress Bar ($9.99)

3. Countdown Timer Plus

While the Menubar is a convenient place to put your countdown timers, it’s a tiny space that you can easily overlook. Countdown Timer Plus fixes that by putting a countdown above everything else. You create a countdown from the Menubar and it puts a sticky note with a timer running on the screen which you can move around and resize.

countdown timer plus- countdown on top mac

You can rename each countdown timer and change the color and title to differentiate between multiple instances. Unlock 3 different countdown styles and create unlimited countdowns for $1.99.

Get Countdown Timer Plus (free, $1.99)

4. Moment

Moment offers a variety of countdowns for major and minor events in your life. It lets you create countdowns to a specific date, time progressed, and age and shows a percentage and donut icon to show progress. You can create multiple timers in those three categories that can stay in the Menubar and the Today Widgets.

moment- multiple countdowns for mac

Moment is available on the App Store for $4.99 and you can get a 7-day free trial.

Get Moment (free-trial, $4.99)

5. WaitingList

WaitingList is another countdown app for Mac that would ensure you never miss an event. You can create multiple countdowns and add a custom background to add a custom flair to each timer. The app also sends out notifications and the frequency depends on how close the event is so that you won’t forget.

waiting list- countdown for every apple device

The best part of using WaitingList is that you can sync your countdowns to Apple TV, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac so that wherever you are, you’d have countdowns running. WaitingList is available on the Mac App Store for $4.99.

Get WaitingList ($4.99)

6. Countdown Screensaver

This is the simplest yet most effective countdown that you can have. It doesn’t have multiple timers and you can’t add a title but it works really well. You set it in the Settings app in the Screensaver section by adding the event date. Whenever your Mac screen goes into the screensaver mode, you will see your countdown timer.

countdown screensaver- countdown on the black screen mac

Countdown Screensaver is free and you can get it from GitHub.

Get Countdown Screensaver (free)

7. Howler

Howler is yet another countdown timer for Macs that offers something different. It has the option to run just one-timer but instead of sending a notification, it howls. As the timer comes to an end, the app would start making noise and you’d get a loud howl notifying you of the completion. It is a nifty app and costs zero dollars on the App Store.

howler app for mac- countdown apps for mac

Get Howler (free)

Which Countdown Apps for Mac Do You Use

These were a few of the best countdown apps for mac that I found incredibly useful in remembering upcoming events. There are apps for every scenario and context. One puts the countdown on the Screensaver and the other puts it on every device so that you don’t miss out on any events. Which app do you use? Let me know on Twitter.

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