Simple Way to Create Complex Password

A ‘Good password’ is hard to guess, but easy to remember. And this guide will tell you how to create one like that.

One popular way of creating and storing password is by using ‘password keeper utility’ like keypaas, however using software to store password, is not everyone cup of tea. Right? Most people like to keep things simple.

Create Complex Password

This trick was originally shared by a Quora user, who suggest to use ‘adjacent key’. So how does it.

Start by selecting your favorite word, movie or public figure. Avoid dictionary words if possible. For this instance we will use most common password i.e. the word ‘password’ itself.

Now according to theory, we have to select diagonally upwards key. Which means a->q , s->w , d->e and so on. Therefore if we follow the same pattern for the word ‘Password’ -> ‘0qww294e’ , which seems as a reasonably strong password.

simple way to remeber complicated password


  • Since the qwerty keyboard is always same on computer or smartphone, it’s easy to remember complex password
  • Even if someone see you typing the password, it will make no sense to them

However it need further improvements

It is good practice to have different password, for different accounts. So even if your one website gets compromised, other password are safe. To create different password form one password, add first few website’s alphabets as suffix.

For example-

  • password for Facebook -> 0qww294e-face
  • password for Gmail -> 0qww294e-gmai
  • password for internet banking -> 0qww294e-bank

A good password contains both upper case, lower case, numbers, special characters etc. So be creative and try to modify your password. Separate base and extension part of your password, by using special characters (like dash in above example), use last two digits of your mobile no. or a pass-phrase etc.

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