How to Create Custom Icon Packs on Android

Want to make subtle changes to your favorite icon pack? Like maybe adding a long shadow or grayscale effect. Or even make your own icon pack from the scratch?

The usually way of making icon packs is not easy. It takes both — time and an eye for details. Not to forget, you should also know how to use tools like Photoshop and Eclipse.

But with this method, you don’t need any programming or image editing skill. All you have to do is — install an app; tweaks few changes with WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get); and once you are satisfy with the changes, export the icon pack as an apk. And that’s it. Plain and simple.

Following are some screenshots of icon packs I made with Iconstructor.

 Create Custom Icon Packs

Create Custom Icon Packs on Android

#1 Install Iconstructor from Google Play. (Free | Paid $3)

Install Iconstructor from Google Play

#2 Once installed open the app. If you had the paid version, you could customize built-in icons found under presets, while in the free version, you have to make your own from the scratch or customize your installed icon packs. To do that tap on the + sign at the bottom.

Next, fiddle with the size, color, shape of the icons. You can even add filters like grayscale, long shadow. Or scroll to the bottom and tap on ‘Use Icon Packs’ to import your installed icons and then make changes to them. 

Like in Photoshop, you can also add layers over other. So, if you like to put your icon inside a circle, then add a second layer on it.


#3 Once you are happy with the changes, tap on blue arrow at the bottom, It’ll show the preview of every app installed on your device. Next tap on APK, option at the bottom, to start the compilation process.

Withing seconds, you’ll have your new apk called Custom Icon Pack. Tap on it to make it your default icon pack.


Make sure to take the backup of the apk, because when you create a new icon pack using Iconstructor, it will override the previous one.

You can share the apk with your friends, but you can not upload this on google play as they do not have a proper signature require by Google.

Video demo of Iconstructor (starts at 3:30)

Wrapping up

Iconstructor is a decent app to make your own custom icon packs.  

Think of it similar to Zooper widget or Tasker, i.e. it comes with a slight learning curve. But after spending good 30 minutes with it, I was able to create something worth sharing with my friends. 

The only problem with Iconstructor is, the icons are not consistent since there are only 1500 of them. Though, I didn’t face this issue in premium version presets. Strange?

Overall, with Iconstructor may not produce icon packs worth selling on Google play, but for those who like to make a little tweak here and there, the app is worth it.

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