5 Apps to Change and Customize Android Notification Center

While Android come in all shapes and sizes, some things remain the same no matter which Android device you choose. The notification center.

We don’t really get to choose which options are displayed in the notification center to toggle or how it looks. But thankfully, there are certain Android apps that could add more options in the notification center. In this post we have covered 6 Android apps to change and customize Android notification center to your heart’s desire.

Note: No root required.

Customize Android Notification Center

1. Material Notification Shade

First up on our list is the Material Notification Shade that was built to better manage your Android notification center. This app will let you customize the heck out of your notification center. You can send quick replies, snooze or dismiss notifications, change background-color, switch between themes and even change rows and columns (read grid settings – available only in pro version at $1.25). One particular feature that I liked is that it will “bundle” all spam notifications together giving you a bird’s eye view. There are several other features like background-image, auto expand, rounded corners and much more.


Bottom Line: Once again an amazing app which will increase your productivity levels and save you time by allowing you to manage a lot of things from the notification center itself.

2. iNoty OS 11

Alright, so you love Android but also like the way iPhone’s notification center works. I get it, you want to have the best of both the worlds. Guess what? Because Android is so incredibly easy to customize, there is an app to do just that. iNoty OS 11 will change your notification center to act just like iOS 11. They change the number in the name of the app to reflect the latest iOS release.

iNoty OS 11

It will turn your status bar and notification center to mimic the look and feel of iOS 11 on iPhone 8 and 8s. It comes with color schemes and themes that you can change and play around with for status bar and notification. Plus, the notification that you will receive, like reminders, battery icons, control panel tools like WiFi, Bluetooth, etc., will also mimic the same styling.

Bottom Line: I liked this app for its amazing fluid design, the number of options and customizations it offers and the way it transforms the look and feel of my phone. Refreshing.

3. Control Center – Control Panel

Another app from the developer of iNotify OS 11 which will magically add a control panel to your Android phone. This is a real productivity power horse because it will add all sorts of shortcuts and apps in the bottom drawer of your screen.

Control Center – Control Panel

You will find calculator, torch, timer, orientation lock, gallery, camera, calendar, and a bunch of toggle buttons found on the iPhone’s control panel. You can customize the control panel to include shortcuts to any app that you have installed on your Android smartphone. Once again there are too many options to choose and play around with, so I suggest you try the app and see how it goes.

Bottom Line: Once again, the developer exceeds expectations completely transforming the UI, adding some amazing shortcuts and customizable options in an unexpected area!

4. Floatify Lockscreen

This is a great app to transform the way you receive notifications when your Android phone is locked. You can now send quick replies, wake up the phone when you pick it up and add a background image. You can also mark messages from any app as read and the pro version comes with even more themes.

Floatify Lockscreen is a great app to customize not just your notification center but also your lockscreen allowing you to do more. The wake up feature where the screen comes alive when you pick up your Android will save time when you quickly want to see time, weather, and and notifications.


Bottom Line: While some of these features are available on high-end Android devices, not everyone has them. So this app will upgrade your phone allowing you to rock the same features as some high-end Androids.

5. Notification Toggle

This app will add more toggle options in your Android notification center then you know what to do with! Seriously, the day I started using this app was the day I stopped using the default settings app. This app can add more than 25 toggle options, if you choose so, in your notification center.

notification toggle

Apart from the usual toggle buttons, you can add shutdown, reboot, wallpaper, NFC, and wake lock to name a few. What’s more, you can choose from your own set of icons and colors for each of these toggle buttons to customize the look and feel of your notification center. This is perhaps one of the best apps if you want to go for productivity instead of just looks and themes. You can create up to three rows of toggle buttons and though it can look a little busy at first, you will appreciate the time it will save you.

Bottom Line: I liked this app for its pure utility-centric approach and how it makes it easy to control and toggle so many settings from the notification center.

6. Notification Reader: Shouter

This is a handy app. Imagine you are driving to your office and get a message, a call, or some notification from your favorite gaming app, Asphalt 8 anyone? So you get this notification but don’t want to take your eyes off of the road because we know a lot of people die in road accidents caused by mobile distraction. Solution?


Notification Reader: Shouter will shout out loud your notifications so you don’t have to pick up the phone. You know whether the call is urgent or can wait. You can choose notifications from which will be shouted and during which times. Other features battery charging, proximity alerts, voice reminders, and missed call alerts among others.

Bottom Line: I liked the app because I can not get notified while driving or even when showering without having to touch my smartphone.

Wrapping Up: Customize Android Notification Center

I like the combination of iNoty OS 11 and Control Center – Control Panel for their amazing UI effects, toggle options and ease of use in the notification center and status bar. It looks and functions great.

I liked Notification Toggle for the number of shortcuts it adds to my notification center. It really saves a lot of time when you don’t have to search for apps and settings deep inside your Android phone.

Do share your thoughts below, maybe with screenshots of how you customized your Android mobile. If you know any other notable apps, comment below.

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