CyberStalking !! Are You Being Stalked

Technology has evolved rapidly over a decade.Everyone is now connected with WiFi at home and smartphones in their pocket.Social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter have become part of everyone routine and helps bringing people closer.But Are we 100% right to say that ” Life has become better as everyone is connected”.

Well, I don’t think so and in this article you will find out why. Every good thing has its bad side and for internet so terrible side would be Cyber Stalking.

So what is exactly cyberstalking?

what is exactly cyberstalkingCyber stalking is not itself a crime but electronic violence is.In simpler terms if the person is staking you on Facebook or other social media than it’s not a crime.And I think it quite normal because once in while everyone stalk their crush on Facebook.

But when this become excess, and stalker started sending offending by either following you on streets or sending you abusive messages, then it’s crime. The target is forced to do this that he/she don’t want to.

And there are laws against cyber stalking in most countries.



How can you be Cyber Stalked?

Here are few cases when people can become the victim of cyber stalking without even knowing.

Updating your status on social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, FourSquare with your check-in location and making your post public. This can happen even if your friends tag you.

Uploading pictures on Google Plus or twitter from you smartphones while the location features turned on.So the picture which has been upload in the server contains meta data storing your location.And anyone with decent knowledge can get these information using free tools.

Even if you have some one mobile no. you can easily trace them using services like true caller or even Whatsapp. There are many other ways to identify people online which you can find in this article.

Who is victim of CyberStalking?

According to the research most of the people who have register complained against cyber stalking were internet noobs (those who are new to internet), compromising of teens where no. of female victims were greater than of male.

Consequences of Cyber stalking?

The Emotional and Physical Effects of Cyberstalking

There was a movie released in 2012 called “Disconnected” which depicted the adverse effect of cyber stalking. If you haven’t watch it yet, I would highly recommend you to so.

Now coming to the topic, cyber stalking is bad because it more like mental torture than  physical harassment. Often victims of cyber stalking goes through cycle of depression, loss of self confidence and even develop suicidal tendency.

How to avoid cyber stalking?

Know what to share

Prevention is better than cure. I believe that one should Know what to share on social media. 

Nothing is permanently deleted from a server.There are always some workaround to retrieve the deleted files. So think twice before sharing personal information or  compromising pictures on the internet.Because even tough you can delete it, there will always be some way to get it back.Although it’s becoming difficult to stay anonymous online but still you can Google some tools which can help you to do so.

Knowledge is the key here, but if you have already made the mistake then don’t hesitate to talk to your parents first. They will always understand no matter what you did But still if you are uncomfortable talking to your parents than find someone you trust.If necessary contact the legal authority.

To report cyber stalking you can either Google report cyberstalking with your country name or check out this article.


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