12 Best Dating Apps Like Tinder

While online dating apps have made it easier to go out and meet new people, a lot of them will ask you to sign up using your Facebook profile. Case in point, Tinder. It’s easy to set up, and you can play it like a game.

The Problem with Tinder

Tinder is hands down the most popular dating app in the world. However, there are two major issues with it:

One, you need a Facebook account to sign up for Tinder. Yes, they recently rolled out the option to sign up using your phone number, but it isn’t available for everyone, yet.

Second, since Tinder takes only seconds to sign up, more people play it like a game rather than a dating app. They really are just not that interested in meeting someone ASAP. It’s also why there are so many disinterested women on Tinder compared to other dating apps, swiping away left and right.

So, if you are getting tons of matches on Tinder with barely any conversations or dates, check out our selection of the best dating apps similar to Tinder.

Do you know, Tinder, Match.com, PlentyOfFish, and OKCupid all have same parent company – Match Group, Inc

Best Dating Apps Like Tinder

1. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish or PoF is one of the largest and oldest dating sites in the world. With more than 70 million members across the world, chances are high that you will find someone you like. You can sign up using an email id and password.

plenty of fish

It operates on a freemium model where upgrading to a paid membership will open doors to additional features like more invites, more images, search priority, ad-free UI, and ability to send gifts.

Pros: PoF has a lot of members, probably one of the largest user base which means, plenty of fishes for everyone.

Cons: The biggest problem with POF is unlike Tinder, anyone can message you unless you set up preferences. Also, since it’s free and easy to sign up for an email, you’ll find a higher percentage of fake profiles and bots.

Price: Freemium ($7.5/m paid annually)

Members: 100 million

Platform: Android | iOS

2. OkCupid

OkCupid does allow you to sign up using your Facebook account, but that is completely optional. You can sign up using your email id. While the number of members is less when compared with some other alternatives, it offers plenty of opportunities to get hooked.


It comes with a swiping feature that works similar to how Tinder operates. Largely considered to the gold standard of online dating, OkCupid has a lot of offer. Upgrade to A-List to remove ads, see who liked your profile, and more search visibility. Premium A-list account allows you to see public answers to questions.

Pros: Unlike Tinder, where most people don’t bother writing their bio; OkCupid believes in “You’re more than just a photo”. It encourages people to fill their profile by asking questions like ‘What I’m doing with my life”‘ and ‘What I’m good at’ etc. This, not only gives you something to talk about but also, a good indicator of whether you would like to talk to them in the first place.

Another reason to prefer to OkCupid over Tinder is its robust search features, that make screening matches easy. Plus, you can also see who likes you in the free version.

Cons: OkCupid biggest flaw is that anyone can message anyone with no sort of filter. This means, from the girls perspective, they receive dozens of spam and offensive messages every day. So, even your genuine message could get lost in their inbox.

Price: Freemium ($9.95/bi-annually for A-list and $24.90/bi-annually for Premium A-list)

Members: 10 million

Platform: Android | iOS

3. Match.com

With the advent of OKCupid and swiping apps like Tinder, Match.com has been losing the popularity votes pretty fast.  Match.com attracts an older crowd compared to the competition, and focus more on people who are looking for serious relationship.


Facebook login and signup is optional. But just like OkCupid, to set up match.com you need you need to add a bit of personal information. The site’s algorithm rewards active users with better matches. So the more you use it, the better results will you get.

Pros: They have a powerful and more flexible search feature and are known to continuously add more features for their members. They also host group events from time to time. So, if there is one in your city, it is a great way to meet new people in person rather than seeing them online which can be a fake experience.

Cons: Match.com is restrictive on what you can do for free. To get anything meaningful out of match.com you need to pay.

Price: Freemium ($20.99/m for 6 months)

Members: 7 million

Platform: Android | iOS

4. Bumble

Bumble is one of the best Tinder alternative. In many ways it works like Tinder, i.e. you’re shown someone’s photo. If you like it, swipe right. If you don’t, swipe left. And then repeat it for every photos. If you’ve swiped right on someone and they’re swiped right on you as well, it’s a match and now you can begin messaging one another.

However, unlike Tinder where there are more men to women, and women never initiate the conversation, on Bumble, only women can initiate a conversation which means no more avalanche of useless messages. Unlike men, women are more subtle and like to make friends if they are not dating. There is a BFF mode which promotes the idea of meeting new people and making new friends too.

Bumble is targeted at the younger generation who are looking for relationships rather than quick hookups.


Pros: Men can only show interest and only a woman can initiate a conversation. This gives more control to women and protects them from unwanted spam messages. You only get 24 hours to respond which forces everyone to be more active. No more dormant profiles.

Cons: You cannot use Bumble without a Facebook account. Like Tinder, most decisions are made based on profile pics with no way to show your personality or fun side which was expected from a site like this.

Price: Freemium ($9.99/month)

Members: 22 million

Platform: Android | iOS

5. Happn

Happn is similar to tinder, but instead of focusing on photos, it focuses on the people that you’ve crossed paths with throughout the day, with a range of 250 meters.

The way it works is, you install the app, login with Facebook account, and just pick what gender and age range you’re interested in. That’s it. Now, the Happn app on your phone keep tracks of your location, whenever you come near another Happn user, it keeps a log. By the end of day, when you open the app, it display a timeline of profiles you passed by and at what time. If you like someone, you can sent them crush.

Pros: Happn provides a great platform to meet people around you, weather at your workplace or neighbour.

Like Tinder, only, mutual crushes can send messages to each other, so you’ll never get pulled into a conversation with someone that you don’t like

Cons: Like Tinder, the only way to join Happn is to have a Facebook account. Also, in order to use the app, you need to keep GPS ON all the time, which might lead to additional battery drain.

Price: Freemium ($20/month)

Members: 28 million

Platform: Android | iOS

6. Miss Travel

Picking profiles based on looks and amped up profile photos is quickly becoming a passe. Think different is the new norm and keeping this thought in mind, Miss Travel was launched.

As the name suggests, you can choose your date based on your travel plans. No longer is it necessary to meet over a cup of boring old coffee or a visit a fancy restaurant because you don’t know where else can you meet. Plan a trip, split and share the costs, and share a unique experience with someone special. A great way to discover personalities, hobbies, and passion.


Pros: New way to experience company and fall in love. Search for possible dates who are traveling to your part of the world. You hit two birds with one stone. It is one of the original travel dating sites and also the most well known which means if you are looking for a travel date, this is the place to hang out at.

Cons: Because it is a travel geared site, there are fake profiles of women looking to travel for free. There are profiles of men who are looking to trade travel trips and money for sex. There are also reports of fake profiles of site owners looking to make a quick buck in commission.

Price: Freemium ($29.99/month)

Members: 700,000

Platform: Android | iOS

7. MeetMe

MeetMe is a fun and activity-centric app that will allow you to meet new people nearby. Facebook sign up is optional. MeetMe is used not just for finding love, but also for casual and professional meetups. In that sense, it is somewhat similar to Facebook in nature. You will get notifications when there is a potential meet in your area.


The platform is free to use and there are no subscriptions. MeetMe works on a credit system which works like in-house currency. You can use these credits for various additional features like feed spotlight and match spotlight. You can use without buying credits too.

Pros: You can play games which increases participation and is a fun way to know each other. Sending and receiving messages is free for all members whether or not you are a free or paid member.

Cons: There are very ways questions asked in the profile. It is very basic and doesn’t allow people to know each other on a deeper level. The search feature is also limited making it difficult to narrow down possible dates.

Price: Freemium ($40 for 3225)

Members: 100 million

Platform: Android | iOS

8. Badoo

Badoo is probably one of the first few and the best dating apps that allow users to upload videos along with photos in their profiles. This allows users to present a better case and show their skills or let’s say fun side.


Facebook sign up is optional. Badoo differs from several other dating sites by offering quizzes and games that users can participate in. One of the primary reasons why the app went viral in the first place. It is a social platform for dating with lots of fun elements thrown into the mix.

The basic account is free but you will need to buy credits for some advanced features like viewing who viewed your profile, playing games, and sending private messages.

Pros: A lot of dating sites come with spam, a lot of it, but on Badoo, there is less of it. Kudos to the team for taking care of it. Phone verification is compulsory leading to less spam. Unlike some other dating sites, you will not be asked to upgrade for every little feature. In fact, a lot of features are free for the members anyways.

Cons: Although several features are free, if you had to upgrade to access some advanced features, it is really expensive. It’s like they are charging for what was free earlier. The matching algorithm is not the best in the dating world. In fact, it is mostly location based only.

Price: Freemium ($9.99 for 550 credits)

Members: 380 million

Platform: Android | iOS

9. Skout

Skout divides profiles into two separate categories based on your age which are teens and adults. The idea is to help you meet people not only with similar interests and hobbies, but also mindset. Not just restricted to dating, you can meet people to explore new places, do activities and finally, fall in love.


Facebook sign up is optional. The app is free to use but offers a subscription for advanced features like sending additional invites and participating in events.

Pros: Skout feels more like a community than a dating site even though it is the latter. This is why it is great for casual dating and meetups. The free version comes with a surprising number of features.

Cons: Skout has a fake profile problem. A lot of users have complained about this issue but the team has failed, so far, to resolve the issue. There are too many ads in the free version which quickly makes it annoying to use.

Price: Freemium ($69.99 for 12 months)

Members: Unknown

Platform: Android | iOS

10. Zoosk

Zoosk verifies each profile by asking members to submit a video selfie along with their photographs to prove they are who they say they are! You can also verify using your Facebook profile but that is optional. The app is free to use and works on a freemium model.


You can also conduct searches based on body type, religion, and height among others. Zoosk is spicing things up by matching couples based on location as well as behaviour using their Behavior Matchmaking.

Pros: Zoosk has a large user base with a great looking UI. There are more ways to promote your profile.

Cons: Search feature is limited to very few ways to filter profiles. Only paid members can send messages. Free members can only respond to emails. Profile is not rich and offers little ways to personalize.

Price: Freemium ($99.99 for 12 months)

Members: 40 million

Platform: Android | iOS

11. Willow

Willow promotes conversations over profiles with beautified images. Members can’t see images directly. You will be either matched based on location and interest or you can find someone using the search function.


Once both the parties agree, members can see profile pics. Keeping in line with the main concept, you can also participate in group discussions where it can be easier to communicate and express yourself. You can sign up using either Facebook or SMS.

Pros: Willow is anything but a dating app like Tinder which is great because it promotes conversations over lustful looks on profile pics. Works like Quora where you can ask and answer questions.

Cons: The app is still in its early stages and is not available on Android which is a huge market in itself. Numbers of members though undisclosed seems to be less when compared to the heavy weights of the dating world.

Price: Free

Members: Unknown

Platform: Android | iOS

12. Lovoo

Lovoo, just like any other dating app, allows you to go on a date based on your location and interests. You can connect by messages to not only those who are your profile-match, but to others too.


The app is free to use and comes with a subscription model which will allow you to send more messages, view your profiles, view likes and profile views, and remove ads.

Pros: The database is huge and Lovoo actually promotes conversations over choosing partners based on profile pics. Sending messages is free for all members.

Cons: Comes with a verification system which is not strong enough. You need to pay to send messages to users who are famous! This is weird and most users have complained about it. Security is not their top priority.

Price: Freemium ($10/month)

Members: 50 million

Platform: Android | iOS

Wrapping Up: Dating Apps Like Tinder

These are the top 11 dating apps that will allow you to sign up without having to connect your Facebook profile. This way, you have more control over what members can see and how they know about you.

Different dating apps have different features and while most of them are free, to begin with, each of them has different plans and features. But then again, love is priceless!

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