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5 Best Discord Bots to Delete Messages Based on Parameters

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Deleting Messages in Discord is as easy as hovering over the message, clicking on the three-dot menu icon in the pop-up, and selecting the “Delete Message” option. Then click on the “Delete” button in the pop-up window to delete the message permanently. But when you want to delete multiple based on some criteria or all the messages, you need to delete them one by one which isn’t ideal. Instead, you can use Discord bots to delete messages in bulk and quickly.

Things to Note

  • Bots cannot access your Direct Messages as it is a violation of Discord terms. So you can only use them to delete messages in the channels.
  • To delete messages in channels, you must be an admin of that server, or your role needs to have permission to manage the server and messages.
  • These bots need to access your message history to delete them for you. So, keep that in mind before moving forward.
  • Due to Discord API limitations, these bots cannot delete messages past 14 days. So all the bots have to comply with that rule. (But, there is a workaround that we will share below)

Having said that, here are Discord bots you can use to delete messages in bulk.

Best Discord Bots to Delete Messages

To add any bot to this list, just click on the link below them and select the Invite button in the right sidebar. Here, select the Server that you want to add the bot to and complete the Authorization process for the bot to access your server. That’s it, you have successfully added the bot and can start using commands to delete messages.

Check out this article to know more about adding the bots to the Discord server on desktop/mobile.

1. Command Cleanup

This bot has a list of options to select and delete different types of messages like images, attachments, links, messages with mentions, messages of bots, etc.

All you need to do is type “.cleanup” as a prefix and enter the parameter based on which you want to delete messages. For example, to delete messages with links, type “.cleanup links” to delete all messages with links.

command cleanup deleting messages with links in discord

You can go one step further and type ‘.cleanup links youtube.com‘ to delete all messages with links to YouTube. Similarly, you can also try out all these other parameters like images, attachments, and text to delete messages with specific words, bots, purge, mentions, pinned, and all.

command cleanup delete the messages with text secret in discord

Also, you can set timeframes such as 1d, 4h, or something like 20h 30m 20s at the end of the command to delete all the messages in that specific time frame. Or, just enter the command ‘.cleanup 15‘ all to delete the last 15 messages.

command cleanup delete the last 15 messages in dicord

Finally, you can type ‘.cleanup all’ to delete all messages below 14 days. If you try it a second time to delete the old messages, it will just say that it cannot delete messages.

Add Command cleanup to your Discord Sever

2. Clean Chat

Clean Chat is another Discord bot that comes with a ton of features. But the most notable one is deleting commands that trigger bots that are added to the server chat. Server admins use many commands to control all the bots in a server and soon, the server is filled with command line messages instead.

Clean Chat helps you delete messages with command lines making the server cleaner and easier to read. To do that, just type @cleanchat addbot @BOTNAME prefix of that bot.

The command might look confusing. So here’s an example. We use a music bot called Rythm on our server. All the users can control it with commands to play, pause, add to queue, and skip music. To delete all these commands, I can just type @cleanchat addbot @Rythm ! (where ! is the prefix for the Rythm bot.)

cleanchat deleting command messages in discord

That cannot delete old messages but will delete all command line messages after you have entered the command.

Whereas to delete the bot messages, just type @cleanchat deletebotmsg @BOTNAME True. Taking Rythm as an example, you need to type @Cleanchat deletebotmsg @Rythm True.

clean chat delete bot messages

Add Clean Chat to your Discord server

3. Auto Delete

This is one of the minimalistic Discord bots that will delete messages quickly and easily. As the name implies, you can give a command with time parameter and all messages will automatically get deleted after that specific time. So if you have set 5m as your time, every message will be deleted after 5mins starting from the time you sent the message.

To start the auto-deletion process, just open the channel in your Discord server that you want to delete messages in and type @AutoDelete start 24h. You can replace 24h with the time that you may want to delete like 5h or 30s, etc.

Auto Deleting messages after 5 mins in discord

But remember, the maximum time parameter is an hour. So if you want to delete in days, you need to enter @AutoDelete start 72h to delete after 3 days. To turn off auto-delete, just open that channel again and give the command @AutoDelete set 0 and that should stop the process.

Stop auto deleting messages in Discord

Add Auto Delete to your Discord server

4. Mee6

Mee6 is a multi-functional bot that also happens to have a delete feature built into it. But it works a bit differently compared to the Discord bots we shared previously to delete channel messages using search parameters. All you need to do is enter the command !clear to delete the last 100 messages in the channel and !clear 500 to delete the last 500 messages. Anyhow, you can only delete up to last 1000 messages using Mee6.

Mee 6 deleting messages in discord

You can extend this and give a command !clear @username to delete the last 100 messages of that specific user. So if you want to ban anyone and also delete his/her recent messages, this bot comes in handy to do exactly that.

Add Mee6 to your Discord server

5. Clearer Bot

While all Discord bots can only delete messages from the last 14 days at max, this bot can delete all the messages with a weird trick. It deletes the entire channel with all the messages and creates a new channel with the same name, users, and properties. It automatically gives permissions to that channel for the users who had access to the previous channel. This makes it deleting every message in that channel easier.

You just have to enter the command n!nuke and it will ask for a confirmation. Just click on the checkmark below the confirmation. Note that it will delete all messages, everything.

It will delete the channel and start a new one with a nuke message that you can delete.

You can also try n!clear to clear a specific number of messages but can only delete from the last 14 days.

Add Clearer Bot to your Discord server

Wrapping Up – Discord Bots to Delete Messages

While there are multiple bots to choose from, each works in a slightly different way. Command cleanup will delete messages depending on their type. Clean Chat deletes the bot messages and messages that trigger bots. Auto Delete provides the ability to delete future messages. Whereas Mee6 is a multi-functional bot that can get the work done without installing a new bot again for each feature. 

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