3 Simple Ways To Download Facebook Videos

So you wants to download videos from Facebook. But don’t know how. Right?

If video you want to download is hosted on YouTube then you can use this for Android. But off course this won’t work for the videos hosted on Facebook.

Luckily there are handful of apps/ website that lets you download Facebook videos. So lets check them out.

Download Public Facebook Videos 

Method I: 

There exist online service that lets you to download Facebook video. Simply copy paste the video’s url and these website will detect the source link. Now all you have to do is, right-click the link and save it.

copy paste the video url

However sites like this, are clutter with pop up ads. So if this is not your cup of tea, check out this next method.

Method II

This is my favorite method, as it’s simple and works on every platform. All you have to do is, open the video in mobile version.

To do this replace the https://www part with m and hit enter. The url should look something like m.facebook.com/.

Now play the video > right-click > save as.

Download Public Facebook videos online

Method III

To download a Facebook video on Android, use Video Downloader For Facebook and VideoGet for Facebook for iPhone. Unlike YouTube, Facebook don’t really have problem with download, so you can find both the apps on their respective app stores.

Download Facebook Videos in android

Download Facebook videos in computer and Android (video)


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