10 Great Websites to Download HD Wallpapers For Your Computer

Getting bored of your current wallpaper? Well, everyone likes to add a bit of personalization to their computers, to make it set apart from the rest, and that usually starts with a change of wallpaper.

People often use Google Image search to discover new wallpapers for their desktop. But this is certainly not the best way, as most images do not show up due of copyright issues. So, we have curated some of best (yet little known) places to get HD wallpapers for your Desktop. 

The sites here were selected based on their quality and quantity of wallpapers. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you’re on Windows, Linux or Mac, as wallpapers just depend on the native resolution of your monitor. So, let’s take a look at some obscure websites to get HD Wallpapers. (In no particular order)

 Websites to Download HD Wallpapers


bing - Free Download HD wallpapers

Microsoft’s search engine — Bing, has high-quality background wallpapers, which they change every day. These wallpapers mostly include Nature and Wildlife. You can also choose to download any wallpapers from the past five years.

There is also an option to download the wallpapers automatically and set it as your background. But since one has to credit the source, there will be a Bing watermark.


desktoppr - Free Download HD wallpapers

There are thousands of Wallpaper websites on the internet, but Desktoppr feels different. The site focuses on only high-res wallpapers, and it uses Dropbox to download and upload wallpapers of your choice. This is a great tool to make your Desktop feel fresh on a regular basis, as you can set your wallpapers to keep changing automatically.

Desktoppr requires you to be connected with a Dropbox account, as it always syncs with the servers to keep your download directory updated.


deviantart - Free Download HD wallpapers

DeviantART is a social networking website for both professional and amateur artists, where they can upload images to share their work with millions of peers who can review their work. More than 100,000 images are uploaded every day, and the genre ranges from Art to Anime.

Thankfully, they also have a sub-section for wallpapers which is frequently updated. The best part about downloading from DeviantART, is that the wallpapers are brand new, and uploaded by the artists themselves. So most wallpapers will be exclusive. 

Dual Monitor Backgrounds

dual-monitor-backgrounds - Free Download HD wallpapers

Some people (like me) use two monitors for added productivity. And this website is for those people. It offers thousands of Wallpapers for Dual-Monitor setups.

Dual Monitor Backgrounds boost to stock the largest dedicated two-monitor backgrounds on the internet, and most of the wallpapers available here are of high quality, and also don’t have a watermark.


interfacelift - Free Download HD wallpapers

InterfaceLIFT is another big resource for downloading HQ wallpapers. At the time of writing this article, the website has over 2600 wallpapers, available in various resolutions.

A unique feature of this site is that you can opt to download multiple images in bulk, but this service isn’t free, and it will cost you $0.05 per image.

Low Poly Wallpapers

low-poly-wallpapers - Free Download HD wallpapers

This is a unique website on this list because the wallpapers here are only low polynomial. So if you love images with angular geometry and vivid colours, this is where you should go.

Although the choice of wallpapers is few,  the quality is top notch.


Reddit Wallpapers

reddit - Free Download HD wallpapers

There is a popular saying on the internet — If it exists, there is subreddit for it. And that’s true for Wallpapers from Reddit as well.

For instance, if you are into stars and Galaxy etc, there is subreddit called SpacePorn, for earth wallpaper enthusiast there is EarthPorn, and similarly, there is wallpaper subreddit for every popular genre, just do a google search and you’ll find out. 

Simple Desktops

simple-desktops - Free Download HD wallpapers

As the name suggests, Simple Desktop offers simple and minimal wallpaper. So if easily get distracted with most wallpapers, this one is for you. Minimal wallpaper has well, minimal colours or object in it, which is soothing to the eyes.

Most wallpapers here, are made by Tom Watson, who is also the creator of the site.

Smashing Magazine

smashing-magazine - Free Download HD wallpapers

Their motto is to deliver ‘wallpapers that are a little more distinctive than the usual crowd’, and they certainly deliver on that front, as their wallpapers are exclusive to their website, and are no featured anywhere else. 

Every month a new set of high-quality wallpapers are released by this site. There is also a calendar on every wallpaper, but if you don’t like calendars, there is also a version with no calendar.

Unfortunately, there is a watermark on every wallpaper, so it might be not everyone’s cup of tea. At least not mine. 

The Paper Wall

the-paper-wall - Free Download HD wallpapers

This is another great place to download wallpapers where you can sort to search images by category, type, and resolution. There is an importance placed on high quality, even if that means that the number of wallpapers on the website are fewer in number.

There is not a single button to click and download wallpapers though, so you have to open the full image and right-click on it to save the image, and then later change that image into your desktop background.

Wrapping Up

So, these were my top 10 places to get wallpapers. What are yours? If you think we missed something, let us know in the comments below. 


About Amandeep Singh Sohal

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