How to Download High Quality Images from Google Play and App Store

At TechWiser we review a lot of apps, which often requires high-quality screenshots from Google Play and App Store.  Assuming you are reading this article, you might already know, both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, doesn’t allow users to directly download the app’s logo or screenshots uploaded by the developer.

When you right-click on any app’s screenshot on the App store, there is no option to save images or open the images in a new tab. Google Play Store is slightly better, it lets you right-click on the app’s screenshot but when you download the images, it saves it as Google’s Web. No PNG or JPEG. Same is the case with the App’s logo.

While you can always take screenshots, but then you’ll have to compromise with the image quality. Fortunately, there is an easy way to download high-resolution images from both stores by using simple inspect element hacks. Let’s start with the Google Play Store first.

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Download High-Quality Images from Google Play

This also works for the App’s logo as well as screenshots. Follow the steps.

  1. Head over to Google Play Store and open any App’s page
  2. Right-click on the screenshot > Open Image in new tab
  3. Once the image load in a new tab, go the URL box and remove ‘-rw’ from the end, and hit enter
  4. Now, right-click on the image and select ‘Save As’
  5. You will now be able to save it as png or jpg.



Download High-Quality Images from App Store

Follow the steps.

  1. Head over to App Store and open App’s page
  2. Right-click on the screenshot > Inspect
  3. A new inspect element window will open in the bottom of the screen
  4. Move the cursor in the code editor to highlight the screenshot on the screen
  5. Next, click on the small arrow to expand the code and look for the source image.
  6. Copy the source image URL and paste it in the new tab
  7. Now, right-click on the image and select ‘Save As’
  8. You will now be able to save it as png or jpg.

Closing Words

So, these were to two easy ways to extract high-resolution screenshots from the apps store without taking screenshots. Once you are done with the screenshots, you can also edit them on Photoshop or use one of these mockup creators to make the screenshots even better for your blogs or presentation. Or if you have a better idea, share it with us in the comments.

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