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5 Ways to Download Instagram Highlights

by Vaibhav

Instagram has a quirky highlight feature that lets you add your favorite stories as a preview on your profile. The highlights are displayed at the top of your profile page making it a great way to interact with followers and showcase your work. You can simply tap on the highlight icon after you upload any story in order to add them to the highlights sections. That’s putting it online, but what if you want to save them offline to your gallery? Well, after a bit of trial and error, we found 5 ways to download Instagram highlights offline easily!

How to Download Instagram Highlights

1. Native Method

The first option is the native option which works well and is easiest of all. The catch is, Instagram used to show the viewer’s list at the bottom left corner of each story. However, now when you add them to the highlights, the icon doesn’t find its way there. This might get confusing for some but works in the same way it does when you save Instagram stories. Rather than tapping on the viewer’s list icon and hitting save, this is what we’ll do.

You can simply open a highlight, swipe up which will give you the same viewer’s list menu (as the viewer’s list icon). From here, just tap on the downward arrow download sign and you’re done. You can replicate this method on any highlight you want to download.

Instagram Native Method to Download Highlights

2. Story Archives

Downloading story highlights from the highlights section is the preferable method. However, if you wish to have a more organized approach, you can also browse your way through the stories archive. This has several advantages. One is that you get to see the date a story was published which allows you to add similar stories around the same date to the highlights that you might have skipped before.

The best part about the archive tab is that besides the date, you can look for stories through calendar and location view as well

To browse to stories archives, open Instagram and tap on the profile icon (thumbnail of your profile picture) at the bottom right corner. Next, tap on the three horizontal line icon on the top right corner which will open a sidebar with an archive option at the top. Simply open the archive section where you’ll be able to view all the stories chronologically. Then simply swipe up as we did in the first step and save the story.

Download Story Archives

3. Story Save App (Needs Login)

A huge drawback to both the methods listed above is that they only work when you’re trying to download Instagram highlights from your own profile. So, what do you do when you wish to download someone else’s story highlights? We’re going to use an app called Story Save which packs a clean UI and lets you download not just highlights but stories and posts as well. Firstly, download the app and log-in using username or Facebook log-in details.

Story Saver App to download instagram highlights

The next screen will show you your profile along with the people you follow. You can either open any of these profiles or use the search bar at the top. In our case, we searched for another profile which took us to a minimal IG feed UI. Click on the story at the top of the page.

Search for Instagram user for HIghlights

You’ll see active stories and highlights on the next page. Tap on any of the highlights and select the video or image you want to download. You can either open each story, preview, and download or select multiple highlights at once. In both cases, tap on the downward arrow sign to download. Once you’re done, the app will show you a preview at the bottom.

You can either view the downloads in the gallery app or use the native gallery which can be toggled from the home screen as shown in the image below.

Download Instagram Highlights using a third party app

Get Story Save App

4. Story Saver (Anonymous)

If you’re not keen on logging in to your Instagram account with an app, another way to download Instagram story highlight anonymously is using a website. We’re going to use Story Saver for this which can be accessed from any browser on your phone or PC.

Firstly, open the Story Saver website and tap on download Instagram Highlights. In the search field, type the name of any account you wish to access and hit download. Remember this must be a public account.

Download highlights anonymously through story saver website

You would need to deal with ads, however, they aren’t intrusive or result in pop-ups or unnecessary clicks. Just below the ad, check the captcha to verify yourself and wait for it to load. Then simply scroll down and select show highlights.

Show highlights

Once you open a specific highlight section, the page will list multiple images or videos which can be downloaded by tapping on save as video. You can also preview if it’s a video which makes it easy in case you want to skip a certain highlight.

Save and download highlights

Story Saves is a great option if you wish to download highlights anonymously. Plus, you can even open it in incognito mode removing all traces from the browser’s history.

Visit Story Saver

5. Inssist

We’ve talked about Inssist Google Chrome extension before, and it’s one of our favorite ways to manage our Instagram accounts. It not only gives you a mobile-like UI on the web but has several other advantages over other apps on the internet as well. You can read more about Inssist but for now, let’s focus on Instagram highlights.

Install the Chrome extension and open it by tapping on the top right + sign icon in your browser. Once you’re on the home page, use the usual log-in methods to open your account.

Add Inssist Chrome extension

As you may have figured out by now, you’ll see an Instagram mobile like UI, so you’ll already be familiar with it. To open your profile and get to the highlights, tap on the profile icon at the bottom right of the screen, and tap on the highlight you wish you wish to download. Now tap on the downward arrow download button and you’re done.

Download highlights using Inssist Chrome extension

This is when you’re trying to save a highlight from your own account. To download someone else’s highlight, tap on the search icon at the bottom, and write the username in the search bar at the top (text field). Then follow the same steps that we did before., i.e, click on the highlight and hit download. Simple right?

Get Inssist

Closing Remarks: Download Instagram Highlights

So these were 5 ways to download Instagram highlights easily. To summarize in a few sentences, if you’re looking to download your story, there is no better way than using the native download feature on Instagram. It’s quick and easy. Besides that, if you want to download the highlights anonymously, Story Saver website is a great option, plus it lets you download currently active stories as well. Hope you try them all and find the best way that works for you.

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