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7 Best Ways to Download Instagram Reels on Mobile

by Mehvish
Download Instagram Reel Video Android iPhone

‘Can you download Instagram Reels?’ I’m pretty sure that question must have brought you here. The answer is yes and no. While Instagram doesn’t offer a native method to download Instagram Reels videos, there are a couple of workarounds. We have covered 7 ways to download Reels from Instagram with music and without watermark. The following methods will work on both Android and iPhone. Please note that you cannot download private Instagram Reels using these methods.

How to Download Reels from Instagram

Whether you want to save Instagram Reels to the gallery for offline usage or save it on Instagram only, all the methods are covered here.

1. Download Reels Using Stories

This is an extremely useful hack that lets you download Reels on Instagram without relying on any external service. All you need to do is share the Reel to your Story and download the story without posting it. Mind-blowing, right?

Here are the steps in detail.

1. In the Instagram app, open the Reel you want to download.

2. Tap on the Send/Share icon and hit the Add Reel to your story option.

Instagram Reel Video Share to Story

3. The Story preview screen will open. Now slightly zoom the video using your fingers so that it fills the full screen. If you don’t perform this step, then you will not get the Reel in full screen and you will see the Reel logo and username on the downloaded video. After zooming in, tap on the Download icon at the top.

Instagram Reel Video From Story

That’s it. The downloaded Reel will show up in your Camera Roll (iPhone) and Gallery (Android) along with its sound.

2. Download Own Instagram Reels With Sound

The above method can be used to download your own published Reels with audio to your phone. But what about Reels that are yet to be published? Even though Instagram does offer the Download button for unpublished Reels, it doesn’t saves the audio. To save your own Instagram Reel with music in Gallery without posting, you need to take the help of Stories and Close Friends list.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Create a Close Friends list and add someone close to it. Do note that they will be able to see your Reel using this method. If you already have a Close Friends list, the existing members will see the Reel. So if you are okay with it, follow the next steps.

2. Create the Instagram Reel video, add effects, and anything else that you want to add to it. Tap on Preview or Share to go to the Share screen.

Instagram Reel Video Preview

3. On the Share screen, tap on the Stories tab. Tap on the Share button next to Close Friends. Doing so publishes your Reel as a story for your close friends.

Note: This method only worked on Android for me. I didn’t see the Story option on the Share screen on iPhone. If you see it, it will work on iPhone as well.

Instagram Reel Video Download from Story

4. Now go to the Instagram home screen and tap on Your Story. You will see the Reel published as a story. Tap on the three-dot icon and select Save video from the menu. That will download your Reel with music in it to your phone. Finally, delete the Instagram Story.

Instagram Reel Video Publish as Story

3. Using Online Tools

If the above methods do not suit your requirements or you keep getting the Reel logo on your video, you can download Instagram Reels by taking the help of online tools as well. These tools let you download Reels’s video without adding any watermark. You simply need to copy the Reel link, paste it into the online tool, and hit the Download button. That’s it. The tool will automatically download the video to your phone or computer in original quality along with its audio.

Here are some of the Instagram Reel video downloading websites:

And here are the steps using one of them:

1. Open the Instagram Reel that you want to download. Tap on the three-dot icon and choose Copy link.

Instagram Reel Video Copy Link

2. Now open instafinsta.com or any other Reel downloading website in a browser on your Android phone or iPhone. Go to the Reels tab on the website if you aren’t directly taken to it.

3. Paste the link copied in step 1 in the available box on the website and hit the Download button.

Instagram Reel Video Paste Link

4. Wait for the website to process the video. Once done, you will see a preview of the video below the box where you pasted the link. Scroll down and hit the Download button. A confirmation pop-up will appear. Grant permission to download the video.

Instagram Reel Video Save Video From Website

In case the video starts playing instead of downloading on your phone, just touch and hold the video. You will see another Download video button. Tap on it. If that also doesn’t work, touch and hold the Download button of step 4 and choose Download linked file from the menu.

Instagram Reel Video Linked File

You will find the downloaded Reels with audio in the Downloads folder of your phone. On Android, you can access them using both the Gallery app and File Explorer. On iPhone, you will need to open the Files app and go to the Downloads folder.

4. Using Reel Downloader Apps

The disadvantage of the above method is that you might have to fill the captcha at times. If that bothers you or you don’t want to open an online website every time you want to download Instagram Reels, you can install Instagram Reels video downloading apps.

Use Reel Downloader Apps on iPhone

1. Install InstantSave from App Store on your iPhone. You can also use InstDown for Instagram Reels.

2. Open the Instagram Reel and copy its link by tapping on the three-dot icon and selecting Copy Link.

Instagram Reel Video Copy Link

3. With the link copied, open the InstantSave app and it will automatically get the Reel. Wait for the app to process the video. Finally, tap on Download or Save depending on the option available.

Instagram Reel Video App iPhone

Use Reel Downloader Apps on Android

1. Install Reels Video Downloader for Instagram – Reels Saver app on your Android phone. Another app that you can use is Video downloader for Instagram. Open them once to grant permission.

2. Copy the Reel’s link and open one of the above-mentioned apps. The app will automatically download the Reel to your phone. If it doesn’t, tap on Download. Alternatively, tap on the Share link from the Reel screen and select the Reel downloader app.

5. Download Instagram Reels With Audio

If you only want to download the Reel’s audio without video, that’s also possible. There are two methods for that.

First, get the Reel’s link as shown in the above methods. Then open offmp3.com in a browser on your phone or PC. Paste the link in the available box on the website and hit the Download button. While the app works perfectly well, you might hate it for ads. But something is better than nothing. After you hit the Download button, you might get a pop-up saying Switch to VPN or some other ad. Tap on Cancel.

Download Instagram Reel Audio

Click on the Download MP3 button on the page. If you see an ad again, go back to the previous page and hit the Download MP3 button again. Finally, a confirmation pop-up to download the audio will appear. Allow the download.

Download Instagram Reel Video Mp3

Alternatively, download the Reel using one of the above-mentioned methods to your phone’s gallery. Then use a Video to Mp3 converter app from InShot on Android and Media converter on iPhone to extract audio from the Reel video.

6. Bookmark Instagram Reel

If you don’t want to download Instagram Reels to your phone but are interested in saving it for future use, you can bookmark it using the native feature.

Open the Instagram Reel and tap on the three-dot icon. Select Save from the menu.

Instagram Save Video

To find the saved Instagram Reels, go to the profile screen and tap on the three-bar icon followed by Saved.

Instagram Reel Video View Saved

Tap on All posts and you shall see the saved Reels along with other posts.

Instagram Reel Video All Posts

7. Remix Reels

Sometimes, you want to download a Reel only to create a similar Reel. What you can do is use the Reel’s Remix feature. It’s similar to TikTok’s Duet feature and lets you create your own versions of someone else’s Reel. However, the original video will play alongside your own Reel.

If you like the concept of Remix, open the Reel that you want to remix and hit the three-dot icon. Select Remix this Reel. Do note that you might not see the Remix option for all Reels. That’s because creators can disable the remix functionality for their Reels.

Instagram Reel Video Remix

Have Fun With Instagram Reels

In case any one of the above methods to download Instagram Reels video doesn’t work, you have a couple of alternatives. To top it all off, apart from the above-mentioned ways, you can also use the screen-recording functionality on Android and iPhone to save Instagram Reels. If your phone doesn’t support screen recording, check out the best screen recording apps for Android.

Lastly, if you are new to Instagram, find out how to make Reels with photos. You can also use Reel editing apps to create amazing videos.

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