10 Best Download Manager for Android

There are many wonderful features in Android, but the default download manager isn’t one of them! You’ll feel this especially if you are using stock Android instead of other manufacturer ROMs. Some manufacturers try to include additional download managers by default, but they are hardly enough. This is the same reason why people look for third-party download managers for Android.

Note: Due to Google policies, none of the apps shared below will allow you to download videos from YouTube. For that, you can need a dedicated YouTube Downloader.

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Why Use Third-Party Download Manager Apps?

You might be wondering why you need a third-party download manager instead of the Android default one. Some reasons are:

  • Android default downloader cannot manage big files that well. Using a third-party manager, you will be able to have better control and finish downloads without corrupting the file.
  • Some websites limit download speeds per connection. Download Managers, however, use multiple connections to bypass this restriction.
  • The default Android downloader isn’t good when it comes to pausing and resuming downloads. You can have better control over your downloads if you use a third-party download manager app.
  • Some download managers support extra features such as automatic retrying, download scheduling, speed limiter, data saving, auto URL fetching, bulk downloading etc.

We think these reasons are enough for anyone to start using a third-party download manager instead of the default ones. But finding a good one is not easy. Simply search for ‘download manager’ in Play Store, and you would come across at least hundreds of results. However, choosing an effective download manager with less number of ads is a Herculean task. That having said, there are some really good paid download managers that do not cost you a fortune.

Anyway, down below, we have created a list of the best download manager apps you can download today! We have tried to include all types of apps — free and paid, minimal and advanced etc.

1. Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus is one of the many popular Android download managers out there. Of course, DAP is an ad-supported Android app, but the experience is better. At least, you would not be taken aback by the sheer number of ads. Coming to the functions, Download Accelerator Plus is pretty minimal.

You will be able to download anything and everything you want, from documents to videos. The app has a tab-based UI for easy access. In addition, it has many useful features such as auto-resume, auto-caching of links from clipboard and multi-threading support. You can use the sidebar to access different types of files you have downloaded.

Verdict: If you’re looking for a simple, minimal Android download manager, Download Accelerator Plus is a wonderful choice. The UI is very intuitive and easy to get started. Also, it offers ample options for customizing the download process. It should also be mentioned that Download Accelerator Plus has a flexible set of plans for Upgrading. For instance, you can upgrade for just one month for just 10 cents.

Pricing: Free, Upgrade available

Download Accelerator Plus on Play Store

2. G-Download Manager

G-Download Manager is yet another minimal download manager for Android. It claims to offer a few extra, advanced features, which can be found by swiping right. However, if you want a simple download app that doesn’t put a lot of ads, G-Download Manager would be a good option. It has many features that you will find only on the paid versions of other download apps.

For instance, G-Download Manager can easily grab links from the clipboard and schedule downloads. You’d also have up to 3 seamless downloads at a time. The app is regularly updated by the developers and is bug-free in general. Personally speaking, the reason why I recommend G-Download Manager is the UI. It’s very simple and effective, thanks to the tabbed system.

Verdict: G-Download Manager doesn’t come with any fancy feature. However, if simplicity is your thing and you want to get files downloaded without a lot of ads, you can go for this app. The developers claim to bring some new features — so, that’s good too. I found that G-Download Manager places the advertisements in non-intrusive areas. Sadly, it doesn’t have an ad-free paid version.

Pricing: Free

G-Download Manager of Play Store

3. Mangoo Box

Mangoo Box is definitely more than a typical Android download manager you’d come across. On top, it must be noted that the app is completely ad-free and comes with a superb interface. You can use Mangoo Box to download not only normal files but also torrents. On a personal note, I think Mangoo Box would be a superb alternative to ad-filled torrent clients like uTorrent.

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Another awesome thing about Mangoo Box is that it saves your data. Using certain compression techniques, the app can help you save around 50% to 80% of mobile data while downloading files. It also has some cool features like Task Timer and Content Explorer. Using the different tabs on the interface, you can easily shift between Explore, Tasks and Local.

Verdict: Mangoo Box isn’t an advanced download manager, per se. However, we really recommend this app to anyone, since it’s completely ad-free. Although Mangoo Box does not allow advanced features in HTTP-based downloads, there are a few in torrent downloads. For instance, you can directly stream torrents and easily spot fake torrents before you begin downloading.

Pricing: Free, Ad-Free

Mangoo Box on Play Store

4. uGet

uGet is actually a multi-platform download manager, available for Windows, Linux and Android. According to our experience, it’s also one of the best download manager apps for Android, despite having ads. It has a not-so-modern design with a black theme, but it is really usable. That having said, when it comes to getting files downloaded, you can use the advanced features of uGet.

For instance, you can customize the User Interface, manage clipboard-based actions and even set limits on download/upload speed. There are also options for download sorting and auto-save system. You can always decide the number of active downloads and preferences, using the Preferences link from the homescreen. Although the UI looks simple, uGet packs some really useful features.

Verdict: If you care about how the app looks, uGet isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you really want a simple yet advanced Android download manager, it’s a nice choice. Compared to the other ad-based apps we have covered in the list, uGet shows the fewest number of apps. Also, if you know a thing or two about download managers, uGet UI becomes quite easier.

Pricing: Free

uGet on Play Store

5. Advanced Download Manager (ADM)

Advanced Download Manager, better known as ADM, is probably the best Android app for managing your downloads. It also happens to be my personal favourite due to the simple UI and richness of features. You can use ADM for all sorts of downloads — both small and big files. In the free version, you can download up to 3 files at a time.

But, what I love most about Advanced Download Manager is its tight integration with Android. It can catch links from browsers like Google Chrome, making it really intuitive. It can not only download files of more than 2GB but also pause and resume downloads seamlessly. Some extra features of ADM include the option for scheduled downloads, download queuing and prioritizing, and extended notifications.

Verdict: It does not matter what type of files you download most; Advanced Download Manager is a perfect choice for you. This Android app can easily handle small and big files. When compared to other apps we have seen, it shows the fewer number of advertisements. On a personal note, I’ll suggest upgrading to the Pro version, which offers an ad-free interface and better control.

Pricing: Free, Pro version available for $2

Advanced Download Manager on Play Store

6. Download Manager for Android

Though the app name is very generic, Download Manager for Android is yet another popular app that lets you download any type of file with maximum speed. Just like with ADM, Download Manager for Android supports multi-thread downloading and you can customize the number of threads and download buffer size up to 512KB for each thread.

The best thing about Download Manager for Android is that it has a built-in full-fledged browser with support for bookmark manager, basic HTTP authentications, browser user agent spoofing, etc. The built-in browser makes it easy to automatically capture the download links. The app also has a built-in basic file manager and can play music and video files. By default, all your downloaded files will be saved to the internal storage, change the download location before starting to download files.

Other features of the app include support for large files, unknown file formats, pause, and resume, ability to check downloaded file integrity using the MD5 checksum, etc.

Price: The app is free and contains ads. You can remove ads with a $3 in-app purchase.

Download Manager on Play Store

7. Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager is another good app to download files on Android at full speed. The app’s user interface is very minimal and has all the features you’d expect of a download manager. Some of the features include multi-threaded downloading, support for pause and resume, auto-resume upon errors internet issues, WiFi only download, image previews, etc.

Of all the features, the one I really like and is very useful is its support for multiple networks. If enabled, the app allows you to download files faster using multiple networks like WiFi, mobile data, Bluetooth, Ethernet, etc. The app also has a built-in basic web browser with user agent spoofing capabilities to capture download links.

For some reason, though the app supports multi-part downloads, it is by default configured to download the file in a single part. For faster and reliable downloads, change the “Connections Per Download” settings under “Settings > Speed Optimization.” Unfortunately, there is no download scheduler.

All in all, if you are looking for simple yet capable download manager with minimal user interface then try Turbo Download Manager.

Price: Free and contains ads. No in-app purchases.

Turbo Download Manager on Play Store

8. Loader Droid

Loader Droid’s user interface is very minimal and has a wide range of features to properly configure and download files the way you want. When you download files with Loader Droid, it will automatically categorize all the download files according to the file types. Of course, the app support multi-part downloading with multiple connections for faster downloads. If need be, you can schedule your download using the built-in scheduler.

Other features include the ability to set browser user agents, auto scan clipboard for download links, ability to limit download speed, automatically pause on low battery, support for a dark and light theme, download only on a WiFi connection, etc.

One of the things that really stand out for this app is its “Tips and Tricks” section. In this section, you will find a detailed explanation of almost every feature of the app. If you are a beginner, these tips and tricks can be very helpful in getting you started.

Price: Free with feature limitations and contains ads. On the free version, some features like sleep on low battery, automatic link capture and download, clear download list on complete, etc., are locked. To unlock the features and get rid of the ads, upgrade to the pro version for around $3.

Loaded Droid on Play Store

9. Fast Download Manager

If you are looking for a no-nonsense download manager then Fast Download Manager is for you. Being a very simple and straightforward app, it has no advanced options whatsoever. Simply paste the download URL and it starts downloading the file at full speed. Apart from downloading regular files, it can also download torrents. No need to use yet another app to download torrents.

That being said, the app has a very basic browser to capture the download links. Moreover, the app has support for multi-threaded downloading. If needed, you can customize the number of threads it can use from the Settings page. Of course, the app supports downloading multiple files simultaneously and background downloading. Unfortunately, the app has no option to queue or schedule downloads.

If you only download files occasionally and don’t mind lack of advanced settings then try Fast Download Manager.

Price: Free and contains ads.

Fast Download Manager on Play Store

10. Download Accelerator

If you don’t want to bother with advanced settings or confusing options then you should try Download Accelerator. It is a pretty clean user interface that is also easy to use. Just paste the download link, enter the file name, select the destination and tap on the “Download” button. Even though the app doesn’t offer any advanced features, you can still schedule downloads. Moreover, you can also make the app to download files only on WiFi. A very useful feature to limit the mobile data usage.

Of course, just like the other apps on this list, it supports multi-part downloading and proper resuming for interrupted downloads. As good as the app is, it cannot grab links from the clipboard or it cannot intercept the links. You have to manually paste the link to download files with Download Accelerator.

All in all, as I said before, if you don’t mind lack of advanced options and looking for a lightweight application that gets the job done then try Download Accelerator app.

Price: Free, contains ads, and in-app purchases.

Download Accelerator on Play Store

The Bottom Line

As said, we have included minimal, standard and advanced download managers in the list. For instance, ADM is the perfect choice when you need the best control and customization over downloads. On the other hand, if you prefer a completely ad-free interface, Mangoo Box should be the go-to option. It also supports torrent. You can pick the other three apps depending on personal preferences. For instance, I really liked uGet free, due to its easy Interface and presence of advanced features.

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