How to Download Photos From Facebook Page (Video)

There are many web apps and browser extension to bulk download Facebook album of you or your friends. But fortunately or unfortunately, there is no guide which tells you how to download photos from Facebook page.

Off course you can download the images one by one by right clicking on those photos but this if you want to download many photos then this process is going to take forever. So what if, you want to download all pictures from a Facebook page?

save photos on facebook

Well you will be glad to know that there is a small windows app know as The Albums Downloader that can download any public album from any Facebook pages. And to make things even better you can also download Facebook albums of you and your friends as well with this software.


  1. Since this is java based application; to run this app, you will need to have java install in your computer running windows OS. So if you don’t have java install (or don’t know) you can download it from here.
  2. The app ‘The Albums Downloader’ is downloaded in .rar format, so you will need a program to extract .rar file. So if you haven’t install any extractor then you can try out 7zip which is free.

Once you have the above requirements fulfilled follow the steps to Download Photos From Facebook Page

1. Download The Albums Downloader, a small app that you can run without installation.

Download The Albums Downloader

2. Extract the download package using 7zip.

Extract the download package using 7zip

3. After successful extraction, open up the The Albums Downloader folder and run The Albums Downloader.jar by clicking on it.

run The Albums Downloader

Note: As the developer suggest, do make sure that the lib folder should be in the same path as The Albums Downloader.jar, otherwise the application won’t run.

4. In order to login with your Facebook credentials; you will have to enter access token within the application. To get this access token had over to developer’s page and login in with your Facebook credentials. After you get the access token, copy and paste it back on the application.

get this access token

5. Now you can download images of your favorite albums or pictures of your friends. You can even download images from your favorite pages by going to the page menu and entering the name.

Download Photos From Facebook Page

You also either download high quality images or if you want to save your bandwidth, disable thumbnail preview. All downloaded images are save inside a sub folder within your ‘the album downloader’ folder.

Checkout this video tutorial to see the exact steps involve in the process 

Bonus Tip: Un-link this application from accessing your Facebook profile after you done downloading the images. To do that head over to Facebook setting > Apps > and remove the apps.

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