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How to Download and Use Fun Google Meet Backgrounds

by Parth Shah
change google meet background

Right after the work from the home trend, Google made it’s Google Meet service free for all. The search giant moved the focus from Hangouts to Meet and added new functions at a rapid pace. Part of it was in response to Zoom’s soaring popularity. One such addition is the ability to blur-out or change the background during a virtual conference.

The attendees won’t be able to see your actual location. Instead, they can only glance over the background that you are using. Google Meet goes further and offers the ability to upload custom backgrounds from a PC or Mac to use them during video calls.

Download Google Meet Backgrounds

As I mentioned, Google Meet comes with a bunch of default background wallpapers to choose from. Users also can import one from the PC or Mac storage. 

Finding high-quality, royalty-free images can be confusing. You won’t want to spend so much time on the web finding the relevant wallpapers for your next meeting.

Let’s talk about some of the websites that offer high-quality royalty-free images. We will also cover how to change Google Meet background and other tips for the perfect first impression during a Google Meet call. 

Find Google Meet Backgrounds

There are two ways to get a fun Google Meet background from the web. You can opt for royalty-free websites that offer millions of images for personal use. If you want some specific images, then go for the websites that allow creators to sell you the images at a price.

1. Pixabay

Pixabay offers over 1.8 million images free for personal use. Open the website from the link below and search for free images right from the home screen. The default page consists of Photos, Illustrations, Vectors, and more. Go to the Photos tab and start searching for images.

pixabay wallpaper

You can search for pictures of cafes, conference rooms, famous places, and more. Pixabay will showcase both the portrait and horizontal images. Use the Orientation filter at the top to showcase only horizontal pictures.

Select the pictures that you like and hit the ‘Free Download’ button, select resolution, and you are good to go.

Visit Pixabay

2. Unsplash

Unsplash is another great source to find fun wallpapers for Google Meet video calls. I find Unsplash’s collection better than Pixabay’s. It offers a bunch of wallpaper collection right on the home screen.

You shouldn’t opt for photos with vertical resolution as it won’t look good during video calls.

If you are like me and don’t want to go overboard with the wallpaper background on Google Meet, search for Desk on these websites.

unsplash background

For example, here on Unsplash, I searched for ‘desk’ and look at the following results in the picture above. It looks professional and gets the job done. It also feels natural and makes it hard for the attendees to figure out that you are using a custom wallpaper as a background.

Visit Unsplash

Use Snap Camera

Snap Camera from Snapchat is a free desktop application that brings fun lens to your boring video calls. Of course, these effects are not for everyone and definitely not for professional purposes either. They are best suited for virtual birthday celebrations and other parties. Go through the steps below to use Snap Camera with Google Meet. 

1: Go to the Snap Camera website and download the app for PC or Mac.

Get Snap Camera

2: After successful installation, open the Snap Camera app.

3: You will see hundreds of lenses made by community members with live preview.

snap camera app

4: Select and apply the lens that you prefer. Use live preview mode to glance over the outcome.

5: Close the Snap Camera app. Don’t worry. The app is still running in the background.

6: Open a web browser and navigate to Google Meet.

7: You need to change Google Meet settings to use Snap Camera as the default video camera on the service. Tap on the Settings icon at the above right corner.

change to snap camera

8: Move to the Video tab and select Snap Camera from the camera menu. 

From now on, whenever you start video calling on Google Meet, it will switch to Snap Camera as the default video feed and use the selected lens to change the background.

How to Change Google Meet Background

Now that you have found the perfect background image to go with the next Google Meet meeting, learn how to set it up in the software. 

1: Open Google Meet on the web and start a meeting or join an ongoing one. 

2: Tap on the change background toggle at the bottom right corner. 

3. Choose from the existing wallpapers or use the + icon to import one from the device storage. 

change google meet background

Tips for Google Meet Meetings

  • If you are on low hardware like an entry-level Windows laptop or MacBook Air then you should avoid using a custom background on Google Meet as it might slow down things for you. 
  • Don’t sit behind an open window as the light effect behind you won’t look good during a video call. 
  • Use the Google Meet Mute function when you don’t need to say a word. 

Use Google Meet Like a Pro

Google Meet custom backgrounds are a must-have feature for everyone. Go through the tips above and make an impact when you join or compose a Google Meet meeting. 

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