WiseStamp : Adds Custom Signatures Email Service

Email signature are getting popular nowadays especially in the professional world. In this article we will found out how to get custom email signature using WiseStamp

What is e-mail signature ?

It’s a block of text which appear after the mail you send which contains your name , contact info , email address and social profile.

In Gmail you can find email signature option under the general tab of the setting. but the only problem with that is it can’t be very customize.  Therefore i suggest using WiseStamp.

email signature in gmail

Wise Stamp is add-on application  provide Graphical Email Signature.

Key Features

  • Include our picture , name social bookmark and many more with feeds.
  • Add on available for Mozilla and chrome.
  • Support email , Yahoo, Gmail ,Hotmail ,Outlook etc.

How to Get WiseStamp

Go to 
 and click on download wisestamp .

After the extension has been added you need to login for the first time (Use the facebook login option for quick access).

Configure your email signature by adding your name contact details import your picture and save changes. You can also include your   handwritten signature to an email by either Sign your name in pen on a white paper and then scan it or you ca use this website MyLiveSignature.com and make handwritten signature online.

WiseStamp Editor_2013-04-04_13-34


Login to your supported email client you will notice add on has added there and follow the onscreen instruction.

Here is the snapshot of how your send mail will look like on Gmail.

wisestamp -example on RTT


Wisestamp is a awesome tool , you need to give 5 min to installation but you will be amazed to see it ‘s working. Get it now and let me know if you face any difficulty.

Watch this  demo video on how to install wisestamp on gmail.


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