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Here is How to Enable Dark Mode on YouTube Android App

by Mrinal Saha
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If you are not living under the rock, you might have heard the rumors, that YouTube is testing Dark Mode for a while now. A few months back, YouTube introduced Dark Mode in a web browser. Simply, click your Profile icon in the top right corner and select Dark Theme. But guess what, you can now get dark mode on YouTube Android app as well.

Up until now, I was using YouTube Vance – a modded version of YouTube to get dark mode and background playback. But now that the official YouTube app has a dark mode, I might jump the ships.

Here is how to enable Dark Mode on YouTube Android app.

First thing first, if you don’t have auto update on, open up the Play Store app, search for YouTube and update to the Latest Version of YouTube, if there is an option to update. If you don’t see an update option, you might already have the latest version. To verify what version you, long press on YouTube app and open its “App Info” page. YouTube’s Dark Mode is available on  13.35.51 version or newer.


Next, to enable dark mode, open YouTube and tap on your profile picture in the upper-right corner and select “Settings.” Choose “General,”.


In the next screen, select “Dark theme.” It should be the second option on the list.



And that’s it. You should see, all white colors in the background changes to black/grey. It also works in both landscape and portrait mode.


What if I don’t see Dark Theme option?

If you are live me who didn’t see Dark theme option even though the app is updated, you might want to restart the app or even “Force close” and it should work. Once you’ve enabled dark mode, the background color of the main menu will switch to a dark gray. What do you think about YouTube’s dark mode? Let us know in the comment.

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