WWDC 2020 – How to Enable Sound Recognition on iOS 14

Apple announced plenty of major updates at WWDC2020 with the iOS 14 like the PiP feature, new Siri interface, Widgets and much more. However there are several features that didn’t make it to the keynote, but enhances the usability of the iPhone manifolds. One of them is the new Sound Recognition feature, which is great for people who have a slight or complete hearing disability. Enabling this feature will show a pop-up notification on your phone as soon as it detects a certain sound, like a dog barking, baby crying, etc. Let’s see how to enable sound recognition in iOS 14.

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How to Enable Sound Recognition on iOS 14

Enabling this feature on iOS 14 is very easy. Head to Settings and select Accessibility. Now scroll down to Sound Recognition and enable the option.

Now you’ll be able to see a new option Sounds where you can choose which sound you want the phone to recognize.  You have toggle control for each sound so it’s easy to enable only the ones you think you’ll miss onto.

Currently, there are 14 various sounds ranging from alarms, like Siren, Smoke, animal sounds of cats and dogs. Besides that, you also have sound recognition for daily household sounds such as car horns, doorbell, running water etc. If you have a baby in your house, you can rest assured as it detects Baby Crying sound as well.


Note: Although it’s accurate and detects sounds most of the time, you shouldn’t rely on the option in situations of emergency or hazard for your own safety. 

Closing Remarks

Apple is trying to amp up its accessibility features which I feel is the right direction. It not only makes the iPhone great for the general audience but also for people with disabilities. With that being said, I feel the Sound Recognition feature is also useful for someone with hearing impairments. Now you can get a quick notification if your baby is crying or if you forgot to close the tap. Hope you are able to make use of this feature. We’re also covering WWDC2020 extensively, you can read all about it here.

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