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This Hidden Feature Enhance Sound Output of Your iPhone

by Arjit pratap singh

Your iPhone comes with a volume limiter which can manage the maximum sound output of your phone. But unleashing the volume limiter settings are not the only way to maximize your iPhone’s sound output. There’s a hidden setting in the Music app called ‘Sound Check’ that lets you utilize the full power of your iPhone’s speaker, EarPods, AirPods or even a Bluetooth speaker.

Sound Check uses the song data scanned and stored by iTunes which mainly comprises of the playback volume of the original file. While the ‘Sound Check’ setting is ON it will adjust and limit the volume of all songs on your device to the same level thus affecting the sound output in most cases. Here’s how to enhance the sound output on your device.

Enhance Sound Output of Your iPhone

Step 1

Head to the settings app on your iPhone to manage the Music app settings.

Step 2

Find the Music app and open it to view app settings.

Step 3

Once you are in the Music app settings, scroll down to find ‘Sound Check’ tab and toggle it OFF.

Bonus Tip:

iPhone has an in-built equalizer in the music app settings with plenty of preset options. Playing with equalizer options also affects your device’s sound output. Here’s how to get the maximum output through EQ settings.

Step 4

While in the Music app settings tap on EQ. (Settings > Music > EQ)

Step 5

Scroll down and select the ‘Late Night’ preset from the available options. This preset is the loudest and gives the maximum sound output for your music or at least it did for us, it’s tried and tested.

Enhance Sound Output of Your iPhone

The above methods of ‘Sound Check’ and EQ settings on your iPhone should bring out the maximum capacity of the sound output. If you still feel there’s a significant difference in your device’s sound output when compared to another device, you should check the basic volume limit settings under Settings > Music > Volume Limit and set the soundbar to the maximum.

That’s all that could be done through the OS settings, now don’t expect a home theatre out of it. Go on, try it out and let me know your experience in the comments below.

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