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How to Fake GPS Location on Android

by Mrinal Saha
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You can easily spoof your country on the internet, by using services like free VPN. But what if you want to have more control on your location. Like changing your GPS coordinates to a very particular location in any part of the world.


Well, here are some reasons why you may want to fake your GPS Location–

  1. Changing your city on third party apps like Tinder
  2. Booking a Uber for your parents who are in different city
  3. Prank your friends on social media with status like check-in Las Vegas

Looks cool right? So let’s see how to do that

Fake GPS Location on Android

#1 Install this Fake Location Spoofer Free from Google play. The free (Ad supported) version has everything; you’ll need. But if you want advanced features like tasker integration, save favorite location, etc.options, then get the paid one.

fake gps coordinates Android app

#2 Next, go to Settings > Dev Options> Allow mock location. And turn it ON.


If you don’t see developer option, then you need to first enable by going to the Settings > About phone > Build number > Tap on that seven times. (see screenshot)

#3 Also, turn on location service by going to Settings > Location. Now, some apps also use WiFi to get precise location, and we don’t want that. Right? So, make sure the mode is set to Device only or GPS only.


#4 Now open the fake Location app that we just installed. It’ll give a pop asking you to enable mock location and disable wifi location. But since we have already done that, ignore it and tap on cancel.

You’ll see a map. Select the desired location by zooming in or out of the map, or use the search bar on the top. Then double tap on that area to drop the pin and tap on the play button to activate this GPS location.


And that’s it; you have now successfully spoof your GPS location. To confirm, open the maps app and check your current location, you should see the fake one. To turn it OFF, go back to the app and press the stop button. Or do it from the notification.

Wrapping Up

Unlike iOS, where you can not fake your location without jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad, doing this on Android is much easier.  Simply install and app and change few settings and that’s it. You don’t even have to ROOT your Android.

However, this won’t work on some apps that get your location from your IP address or other advanced techniques. For instance, with this method, you can not install Google Play’s apps that are not available in your country. And according to the developer, this doesn’t work with WeChat and INGRESS either.

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