Top 10 Alternatives To ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer once used to be our favorite file manager for Android. It was robust, easy to use and most of its features are free. Unfortunately, ES File Explorer developers aren’t playing nice lately and flooded the free version with annoying ads, lockscreen adware, and unwanted space analyzer. Although they have improved a bit and removed some of the hijacking ads, but the pop-ups are still there, and they are very annoying.


If you are tired of ES File Explorer’s shady money making schemes, then it’s time to look for an alternative to ES File Explorer. Below we have introduced 10 reliable alternatives to ES File Explorer that won’t annoy you with ads or offers.

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Best File Manager for Android

1. Android’s built-in File Manager

If you are running Android Marshmallow or higher and only use a File Manager to copy or move files sometimes. Then you can also use the build-in Android File Manager for that. It can do basically 3 functions – one, you can go to any folders like movie, pictures, downloads etc; two, you can delete files and third, you can move files from one folder to another. That’s it. No other fancy features like other file managers in this list.

You can find the built-in File Manager in Settings > Storage & USB > scroll down and tap on Explore. If you find this little time consuming, use Marshmallow File Manager to access the built-in File Manager from a simple shortcut on your home screen.


2. File Commander

Editor’s choice as of writing, File Commander offers reliable file management features along with some handy side features that are definitely worth having. You can rename, move, delete or edit files in its simple interface, and easily access files using categories. It also comes with a built-in robust file converter with support for over 100 types of formats. Furthermore, you can also use File Commander to encrypt individual files and folders.


Some of its other features include, ability to share screen over network, manage SD card data, storage analyzer, remotely access data, FTP/FTPS servers support, background working, send files to recycle bin and more, Unfortunately, some of the advanced features like encryption are only available in the paid version of File Commander.

3. File Explorer

Popularly known as FX File Explorer, it’s another really good file manager with most of the advanced features available for free. Best of all, its free version doesn’t come with any ads at all unlike ES File Explorer or similar apps. File Explorer comes with a material design look with smooth transitions, and it can overhaul your home screen with important files and folders for productivity. Just like any other file manager, it can edit, rename, delete or move files/folders at your will.


Additionally, it allows you to open multiple windows, analyze storage, create archives, transfer files using different methods.

4. File Manager By ASUS

This file manager by ASUS lets you manage all your files saved inside the phone, SD card, shared over the network or in a cloud storage account. All the file editing and management options are available for files and folders inside these locations. The app itself is really easy to use and allows you to compress files to save space, open multimedia files in it, use recycle bin, analyze storage, hide data and more.


The app might not have to biggest list of features, but when it comes to managing files in both phone and over network and servers; it does an amazing job. Best of all, it is completely free and isn’t bloated with ads as well.

5. Total Commander

A renowned file explorer for Windows operating system, Total Commander for Android is just as functional as its Windows counterpart. You can easily move whole directories, use drag & drop to manage files, batch rename files and manage archives using Total Commander. It also allows you to share and manage files over network and servers, and you can take advantage of its free plugins to manage cloud storage files.


Notable Total Commander features include a robust search features, built-in text editor, FTP and SFTP support, Bluetooth file transfer support, two panels mode, built-in media player, ease of use features for visually impaired, and a whole lot more. To top it off, Total Command is completely free to use and doesn’t have any ads.

6. File Expert HD

File Expert HD is a better-looking version of the old File Expert that also comes with few extra features. You can use it to manage files in phone, SD card, files shared over the network and in your cloud storage. Taking advantage of categories and a robust search engine, File Expert HD allows you to quickly skim through your data and find the right files. It also has robust file transfer supports that lets you transfer files using Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi, FTP/FTPS/SFTP servers and over cloud storage.


Its features include the ability to manage archives, built-in download manager, recycle bin, ability to use tags, cloud storage, multi-tab support, built-in root explorer (for rooted devices), text editor and much more. Although some of the advanced features may require a fixed payment.

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7. Amaze File Manager

This is a very simple file manager with a bit limited features. However, it is very light, open source and completely free to use. If you were using ES File Explorer for basic tasks, then this is definitely a much faster and easy to use app. Amaze File Manager is based on Material design and offers all basic file management features like, copy/delete/move/extract/compress. It also has multi-panel support to let you easily browse your files, and its interface is customizable with themes and icon sets.


It has a special app manager to backup apps, uninstall them or open them from the file manager. Users with rooted devices can also use the root explorer to access system level configurations. The features might seem a bit less, but the app is still in its BETA stage. So you can expect more features adding soon.

8. MK Explorer

Another simple file manager that also comes with a beautiful design. It has all the essential features of a good file manager, including multiple panels, search engine, archive extractor and compressor, root explorer, SD card support and more. Apart from the usual stuff, it also comes with a built-in gallery, audio player, and a text editor to view all your files in the MK Explorer. It also comes with many keyboard shortcuts to quickly perform most of the functions.


9. MiXplorer

For some unknown reason, MiXplorer is not available on Google Play, which makes it a hidden gem that most people are not aware of. Like all the other File Explorer, MiXplorer has all the basic features like – dual panel, text editor, image and media viewer, Zip unZip files, root access, FTP etc.

However, unlike the File Manager, MiXplorer support 19 cloud storages for free and as one Reddit user point out in Mixplorer vs Solid Explorer MiXplorer can also cut/paste multiple separate things instead of one at a time. The only con that we can find in MiXplorer is – it can be a little buggy sometimes.

And yes, all features in MiXploere are completely free.


10. Solid Explorer File Manager

This is a paid app, but it’s a comparable alternative to ES File Explorer if you don’t mind giving up $1.99 for it. Based on the Material design, Solid Explorer is completely customizable with beautiful icons, themes, and different color schemes. It allows you to easily modify and move data by simply dragging and dropping. Its features include, the ability to read and manage archives, manage files in cloud storage, encrypt files, analyze storage and file large files, batch rename files, comes with Chromecast support and much more. If you have a rooted Android device, then Solid Explorer can also work as a functional root explorer.

Solid Explorer is a priced at $1.99 with 14 days free trial. You can Solid Explorer Classic which is free (ads supported) but with not material design.

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Wrapping Up

I believe Solid Explorer is a great alternative to ES File Explorer if you don’t mind getting the paid version. Aesthetically, it’s one of the best File Explorer in the market right now. If you are looking for a free alternative to ES File Explorer, then nothing can beat the robust Total Commander file manager. Do let us know in the comments which file manager you are using what you think about the slope ES File Explorer has taken to make money.

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