How to Find And Hide Naughty Photos on Your iPhone

You have a cool vacation picture you want to show to your colleague, but when you hand over your phone to them, they quickly started swiping your camera roll. There goes your privacy. Obviously, the first question that pops up in your mind is how to find and hide private pictures on your iPhone. Because you definitely don’t want your nudes to make their way to an art gallery like some Hollywood actor’s leaked images did. But is it that easy to browse through thousands of photos and pick one by one. Well here’s a simple way to hide photos that you don’t want others to see.

I’m going to use an app called Orga, available on the iOS App Store for Free. The app currently only supports Image files and hence you cannot use it to hide videos.

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Find And Hide Naughty Photos on Your iPhone

Step 1: Download the Orga app on your iPhone

Orga (Free) is a photo management application that uses the AI-based system search and classifies images. It can read the content of an image and even recognize text. So you can even search for a text in your image gallery. The app utilizes native memory and does not upload any of the images to the Internet, so your privacy concerns are also taken care of.

Step 2: Give app permission and let it scan your gallery

After you download the app, it will show you a little preview of what the app is about you can see that or simply skip it since you are already reading this article. Immediately after the intro, it’ll ask you permission to access your photo gallery. Allow the permission and let it scan your device gallery.


Step 3: Open the search bar

The app doesn’t take much time to scan the photos and even if you have a lot of them you can still start your search with the scanned photos. For me, it took an hour to scan 11,000 photos which is quite fast, in my opinion.

To start a search swipe up the screen and you’ll see the app banner hiding and a search bar will pop-up on the top center of the app. Tap on it to access the search page.


Step 4: Search your photos with keywords

Start typing your search term and you’ll see several suggestions as you start typing. And in front of them will be the number of images available under each search term. Tap on any one of the keywords to see the results.


Step 5: Search nudes according to sensitivity

Now, out of all the keywords that you can search, ‘nudes’ has a different characteristic. When you search the term ‘nudes’ you will be shown an extra option to adjust the sensitivity of your search query. Click on the setting settings icon on top right of the screen and adjust the bar that pops-up at the bottom. You’ll see the effect immediately.


Step 6: Hiding photos in a password protected vault

Hiding photos is a two-step process once you have done the image search. Select the images you want to hide and tap on ‘save to photo vault’ to hide them all in a password-protected vault on your device memory. The photo will be temporarily deleted from your iCloud to make it completely private. You can choose not to allow the deletion but then your photo will be duplicated and saved in both places which makes no sense.


Step 7: Unhide/Undelete protected photos

The action of deleting the image from the cloud and saving in password protected vault can be very well undone. Simply tap on albums at the center bottom of your screen and tap on ‘photo vault’ on top. Select your images and tap on ‘move to album’. This unhides the photo and brings it back to the original folder.


Step 8: Setting up Passcode and FaceID

The app will prompt you for creating a new passcode at the very beginning itself because that’s the whole point of this app. But you can create the same at a later stage as well. Similarly, FaceID could be set to ON from the settings menu under the ‘Me’ tab on the bottom right of the app.


Password Protect Photos on iPhone

That’s about it, now you can securely keep your private photos locked in a secure vault. And since the vault is locally stored you don’t have to worry about a probable cloud leak. As I mentioned before, you can’t secure videos yet. But given the quality of features that the app is providing, I really think it should be a paid app. So go ahead and grab it till you can for free. It’s really a great tool and can even be used as a regular photo app since you can browse and see all photos and folders the same as your native Photos app.

For Android

For Android users, a similar alternative would be Cover (free)This media vault app is extremely simple to use and almost similar to what Orga offers on iPhone. The only difference in the two is, Cover doesn’t classify or identify NSFW images for you and you’d have to select the images manually. But, on the brighter side, you can even hide and lock away video files within its vault, unlike Orga. The vault in Cover is secured by a passcode or fingerprint authentication.

The scanning process is a bit slow in Cover and most of the scanning will be done while your phone is connected to power. These settings can, of course, be changed. You can select one or several files at once to hide in the vault. While in vault your files will be removed from the main gallery. One or all files can be uncovered at once which will reinstate them in the main gallery and remove from the secure vault. Let us know your experience in the comments below.

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