How to Find IP Address of Any Device on Your Network

If you are doing advanced stuff on your network, like sharing files between two computers, remotely logging into your router etc; then the first thing you need to know is the IP address of your device.

Find IP Address of Any Device on Your Network

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Now, this IP address is a bit confusing. Any device that connects to the internet has 2 IP address —

External IP address or Public IP (looks like 79.343.34.11)
Internal IP addresses or Private IP (look like

The public IP is same for all the devices connected to your network. For instance, if there a desktop and a laptop and a smartphone in your network, then all three of them will have one single public IP. And you can find it by typing ‘what’s my IP address’ on Google search.

The private IP address, on the other hand, is different for every device on your network. So, if your computer has a private IP of, then your smartphone will have IP like and so on. And in this post will see how to find private IP Address of any devices.

access Your Router from Outside
Now, there are three types of IP address you can find —

#1 IP Address of your device — look under the network settings of your device.

#2 IP Address of other devices on your network — use a network scanner app or look router settings

#3 IP Address of any other devices on the internet — you need to somehow make them connect to a website you control. And once they connect to your site, their IP address will appear in the server log. Usually, hackers do it by sending them a spoof email.

In this article, we are going to stick with first two cases i.e. finding the IP address of your devices and devices that are on your Network. So, let’s get started.

Find IP Address of Any Device

#1 Windows (7/8/10 or XP)

Type Network and sharing center in the start menu and hit enter > Click the name of your Internet connection >Details > IPv4 Address.


Or open cmd prompt and type in ipconfig and look for the value corresponding to IPv4 address.

#2 Mac OS X

Go to system preference > network > current connection name > look for the IP address under status.


Again, a much quicker way to find IP address on Mac is to use the terminal. Simply, open spotlight (cmd+space), type in terminal and hit enter. Once the terminal opens, type in the following command

ifconfig | grep inet


#3 Android and iOS

Android — Go to Settings > About Phone > Status > IP Address.

For iOS devices like iPad or iPhone — go to Settings > WiFi > Current WiFi name > DHCP.


#4 Other Devices on Your Network

To find the IP address of other devices connected to your network like Chromecast, Xbox, Printer, Raspberry pi etc, you have two option — use a router or install a small program on your device.

#4.1 Router

With this method, you can find IP address of all the devices connected to your network. Simply log into your router and look for wireless or DHCP option.


The good part about this setup is, you don’t have to install any software, you can access your router from any devices. However, the only downside is, you need to know the router’s login credential; which is not possible in a big organization or offices.

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#4.2 Use Program

But, if you don’t know your router’s login credentials, you have to download a specific app for your device. These apps are free and light-weight.

Like Fing for Android and iOS.

Similarly to find the IP address of other devices from a Windows computer use Wireless Network Watcher and for MAC, you can use Who’s on my WiFi. These apps will reveal the IP address along with other details like its MAC address, device name (in some cases) and the manufacturer of the network card.

By looking at this details and little common sense, you can tell which device is what, and its IP address.

Find IP Address of Any Device on your Network with Fing

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