Find out what WordPress Theme and Plugin a Website is Using

So, you stumbled upon a new competitor’s website, while doing some keyword research for your own site. And this new website has an amazing UI, something that we don’t see every day. And now you want to what themes and plugins are they running under the hood? (given that it’s built on WordPress)

Well, you can always check the header in the source code of the website, to find out if they are running WordPress or not. And if yes they are using WordPress as CMS, then you can press CTRL + F or CMD + F on your keyboard and search for the keyword ‘theme, ‘ and it’ll tell what theme are they using.


But there are two major restrictions to this approach.

1. It’s difficult to see the source of the website on the mobile platform

2. Many sites that use a custom WordPress theme often hide details in the web site’s source code as well.

So, if you are not the kind of person, who do not get excited by the HTML code; then there is another easy way to check what WordPress theme and plugins a website is using. Whoiswp is a new online tool, which can detect WordPress themes and plugins.


So, how does it work?

Unlike checking the source code of the page, using WhoisWp is pretty simple. All it takes is three steps.

  1. Copy the website’s URL whose WordPress theme and plugin you want to detect.
  2. Go to
  3. In the search box paste that URL and click the Search button.

And that’s it, within seconds Whoiswp will reveal the WordPress theme and its plugin.


We testest Whoiswp on several websites, and here is what we got.

On most sites, it worked pretty well. For instance, when I used to detect WordPress theme and plugins for RTT, it was able to detect right theme and plugin. .But it didn’t reveal the theme provider name ( which in my case was Themeforest). It’s not a big deal though since you can always Google the theme’s name and find out who is selling it.


On some websites, it was not able to detect any plugins, but when it works, it worked fine. And we did like their visit plugin feature; when you click on this button, it’ll take you to the WordPress plugin page. Save some time.

Wrapping up.

WhoisWp is a quick tool to find the WordPress themes and plugins without messing around with the plugins. Especially, helpful when you are on mobile devices.

Overall, the tool is pretty fast and does what it claims. Though, there is certainly room for improvements. For instance, we run it on a popular website – Howtogeek, which is built on a custom WordPress theme. But Whoiswp reported that is not running on WordPress.

This post is sponsored by Whoiswp.

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