How do I Find Release Date of Any Google Play App

If you not already know, I cover some of the best new Android Apps of each month in my YouTube playlist – CoolNewApps. So if you are an Android enthusiast, who like to try fresh Android apps or wants to know what’s coming next in Android world, you should probably subscribe to this playlist.

Ok, not coming back to the topic. The second biggest hurdles other than discovering the good apps is to find when it was first released. We only covered apps that were released in past one month of making the video.

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Now, the traditional way to find the released date of the Apps in Google play is too indecisive. Usually, you look at the description, read the last review date, or check for the press realized. But none of these ways are full proof.

  1. Google play description only shows when the app was last updated and not the released date.
  2. Review date gives you an idea, but this is not 100 percent sure method and not to mention it takes time.
  3. Now all apps are covered by mainstream media, and I’ve some good app developer don’t market their app.


But there is a better way (and this what I use) to confirm when the app was first released on Google play. The answer is using a third-party web service like App Brian. It tells you detail about the apps like

  • Google Play Rating History Graph
  • Google Play Rankings Graph
  • Detail Changelog
  • App Age
  • Android version
  • Content Rating
  • Price
  • Libraries

So, let’s see how to find when an app was first released on Google Play

1. Copy the URL of the app whose released date you want to find out.


2. Go to appbrain official website and scroll down to the middle of the page, till you see a search box.


3. Paste the URL and select the name from the autosuggest search box and hit enter


4. And that’s it, you’ll see all the details about the app, including the released date in the change log.


Other than this, you can also use third-party websites like Appannie.

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