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6 Best Fishing Knot Apps for iOS and Android

by Vaibhav
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Fishing knots are an important part of any fisherman’s arsenal. There are several knots you can use such as the Palomar knot, Uni Knot, Surgeon’s knot, etc. Some are easier to tie while others are great for strongholds. However, until you’re not seasoned, learning and remembering knots can be hard. So, here are some fishing knot apps for iOS and Android you can try to brush up your skills on the go.

Best Fishing Knot Apps

1. Useful Fishing Knots

If you’re looking for a basic app with info on knots in a concise form, this one’s for you. You’ll find several types of knots such as hook, line to line, loop, etc, on the home page. You can further browse through multiple sections by tapping on the knot types.

Useful Fishing Knots app homepage

All the knots are well categorized by type with picture instructions. So you can simply swipe through and follow them to learn quickly. Besides that, info like the use of the knot, other names, description, and tying process are also given in brief.


  • Step by step guide with pictures
  • Favorites section
  • Works offline
  • Contains ads (Remove for $2.5)

Get Using Finishing Knot

2. Fishing Knots

Fishing Knots app is a more polished app than the previous one, both in terms of content and UI. You’ll find several knots for binding two fishing lines, attaching hooks, baits, and many more. All the how to’s are in an image slide form. You can also tap on the presentation mode which automatically scrolls the images step by step.

Fishing Knots app

The best part about this app is that it has a YouTube tutorial option as well. So whenever you’re stuck, tap on the knot type and watch the video to learn. There are banner ads at the bottom that can be removed for a one-time fee of $4.


  • Easy to navigate UI
  • Works offline
  • YouTube video for each knot

Get Fishing Knots for (iOS | Android)

3. Fishing Knots Real 3D

Unlike the previous two fishing knot apps, you can watch the how-to’s in a 3D scrollable UI. The illustrations are highly interactive. That means you can scroll through the steps, change the point of view, pinch and zoom and play the instructions in 3D.

Fishing Knots in 3D

The app also allows users to change the background and knot color. This comes in handy for someone who is color blind. Apart from that, you can also find boating knots that are missing from the other apps.


  • 3D knots illustrations
  • Watch ads to unlock knots
  • No ads in the UI

Get Fishing Knots Real 3D for (iOS | Android)

4. Animated Knots by Grog

I’m sure most of you who are into fishing are active outdoors. So why stop at fishing knots? This app is a package of all the knots you’ll ever need. It not only has a section on fishing knots but also climbing, scouting, search and rescue, and even neckties.

Animated Knots by Grog app homepage

All the knots are illustrated in simple animations. You can also view them frame by frame at your own pace. One feature that stands out is the mirror orientation. Missing in other apps, it allows left-handers to understand the knot tying process easily. Lastly, the app isn’t free. But for the features you get, a $5.5 one time fee is worth spending.


  • Multiple adventure sport knots
  • Mirror feature for left-handers
  • Detailed knots info
  • Favorites section

Get Animated Knots by Grog for (iOS | Android)

5. Academy of Angling Fishing Knot‪s‬

The app is exclusive for iOS users. It consists of carefully curated knots that are most used while fishing. The app is divided into free, standard, and premium knots section. All the instructions are in high definition video format which can be downloaded for offline viewing.

Academy of Angling Fishing Knot‪s‬

When compared to other fishing knot apps, this one is on the costlier side. Provided you only get two free HD video tutorials. If you wish to watch more, you have to upgrade to a standard pack ($0.99) or a premium pack ($1.99).


  • Video tutorials
  • Download videos for offline viewing
  • Only two tutorials (free version)

Get Academy of Angling Fishing Knot‪s‬

6. YouTube

All the above fishing knot apps cover most knots you’ll ever need while fishing. Where one may lag is the learning process. So what better than a video that you can easily follow? You can slow the playback down and pause and rewind at any given time.

So if you’re struggling with fishing knot apps, try some of the famous fishing channels listed below. They are not only easy to follow but you can also interact with users in the comment section.

Fishing Knot Apps: Which One to Choose?

I hope you tie the knots perfectly now that you have so many apps to learn from. If you ask me, I highly recommend Fishing Knots Real 3D. It’s available on both iOS and Android. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with irritating pop-up ads. Unlike other apps, you can simply watch short video ads to unlock more content. So it’s a win-win situation for all.

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