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Top 10 Ways to Fix Amazon Prime Video Not Working in Google Chrome

by Parth Shah
fix amazon prime video not working in chrome

Amazon Prime Video is on a roll with big hits like Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Jack Ryan, and many other high-profile TV shows and movies. The service is a part of an Amazon Prime subscription. Although Prime Video has native apps on smartphones and smart TV platforms, laptop and desktop users prefer to access it in the Google Chrome browser. If Amazon Prime Video is not working for you in Chrome, read the troubleshooting ways to fix the problem.

Before you Begin

You can only stream the title from Amazon Prime Video on two devices at the same time. If more devices are trying to play that title, then Amazon Prime Video may not work for one of you on your Chrome browser.

Update your browser and OS if there is an update available.

1. Check the Internet Connection

You require a stable internet connection for a glitch-free Prime Video streaming experience. Before you play your preferred content on Prime Video, ensure fast internet speeds.


1. Press Windows + I keys to open the Windows Settings menu.

2. Select Network & internet from the sidebar.

3. Confirm the Connected status and 5GHz Wi-Fi frequency.

check internet connection on windows


1. Click the Control Center icon in the Mac menu bar.

2. Connect to a high-speed Wi-Fi network at home or office.

check internet connection on mac

You should connect to a 5GHz Wi-Fi frequency to avoid any buffering on Prime Video.

2. Check Amazon Prime Membership

Most users subscribe to the Amazon Prime plan and get Prime Video service as one of the benefits. If your Amazon Prime plan has expired due to outdated payment information, update it using the steps below.

1. Visit your Amazon account on the web.

2. Expand Accounts & Lists.

3. Select Your Prime membership.

open amazon prime membership

4. Check when your membership is ending.

5. You can update your membership from the same menu.

Check Prime Video subscription

Once you have a valid Amazon Prime subscription, visit Prime Video on Google Chrome and start playing videos.

3. Authenticate Your Account Again

Did you recently change your Amazon account password? You need to update the same in Prime Video to avoid any authentication error. You can sign out from your current account and sign in again.

1. Click your account picture in the top right corner.

2. Select Sign out.

sign out from your account

3. Sign in with your updated account details.

4. Check Prime Video Status

When the Prime Video server faces an outage, you can’t use the service on Google Chrome and other platforms. It’s a normal phenomenon when Amazon releases a much-awaited TV series or movie on the platform. Millions of users switching to Prime Video at the same time can result in server-side problems.

You can visit Downdetector and search for Prime Video. When others face the same, you will see high outage spikes. You have no option but to wait for Amazon to fix the issue from their end.

5. Enable Hardware Acceleration

When you enable hardware acceleration in Chrome, the system shifts CPU resources to the device’s GPU to resolve processing problems. You need to enable the option when Google Chrome fails to play Amazon Prime Videos. Here’s how.

1. Launch Google Chrome on your computer.

2. Select the kebab menu (three-dot icon) in the top right corner and open Settings.

open chrome settings

3. Select System from the sidebar and enable the Use hardware acceleration when available toggle.

enable hardware acceleration in chrome

6. Turn off Other Services in the Background

Google Chrome is left with less internet bandwidth to use when other services are running in the background. If you are downloading large files from the web or games from Xbox or Microsoft Store, stop such services and try streaming the Prime Video library.

7. Disable VPN

Prime Video may not work on an active VPN connection. Amazon geo-restricts regional Prime Video content. If you are browsing the web on a VPN, disconnect it and try again.

8. Clear Google Chrome Cache

Google Chrome collects cache in the background to remember your account login info, search history, and other details to speed up your browsing experience. When the browser collects a corrupt cache, you face issues with streaming services like Amazon Prime. You need to clear your Chrome cache and try again.

1. Launch Google Chrome and click the kebab menu in the top right corner.

2. Expand More Tools and select Clear Browsing Data.

clear browsing data in chrome

3. Move to the Advanced tab and select Clear data at the bottom.

clear cache in chrome

Restart Google Chrome, visit Prime Video, and sign in with your Amazon account details to start streaming.

9. Use Prime Video Native App

Amazon offers a native Prime Video app on Windows 11. You can leave behind the below-average Prime Video experience in Google Chrome and go with a native app on Windows PC.

download amazon prime video on windows

DownloadPrime Video

10. Use Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is one of the best Google Chrome alternatives out there. It supports 4K streaming on Windows, is compatible with all the Chromium extensions, and has cross-platform availability. You can move to Microsoft’s browser and start streaming Prime Video. Brave is another solid Chrome alternative with air-tight security.

Fix Amazon Prime Video Glitches

Amazon Prime Video not working in Google Chrome may spoil your weekend plans. Instead of ditching your perfect setup in Google Chrome, use the tricks above and start watching your favorite TV shows and movies on Prime Video.

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