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7 Ways to Fix Android 12 Scrolling Screenshot Not Working

by Mehvish
Android 12 Scrolling Screenshot Not Working

The Stock Android lacks several useful features. Fortunately, each Android update surprises us by adding these features. Android 11 introduced the screen recorder, and Android 12 adds scrolling or long screenshots. Unfortunately, many users are unable to take scrolling screenshots on their phones. If you’re one of them, use the following 7 fixes for Android 12 scrolling screenshot not working issue.

Fix Scrolling Screenshots Not Working in Android 12

1. Update Phone

The first thing that you need to check is whether your Android phone is running the correct Android version or not. Scrolling screenshots are supported on phones running Android 12+ only. If your phone is having Android 11, you won’t be able to utilize the native method of scrolling screenshots, unless your phone is running custom UI such as One UI.

To check your Android version, go to Settings > About. Look for the version number.

2. Restart Phone

Next, restart your Android phone. Sometimes, new features don’t show up immediately after updating the phone. A restart should fix it.

3. Use the Right Method

There is no dedicated button for scrolling screenshots in the Settings or Quick Settings menus. Only after you take a screenshot does the scrolling screenshot option appear.

Take a screenshot and you’ll notice a new Capture More button next to the Share and Edit icons. Tap on it to select the area you want to capture. Drag the edges to include the necessary area, then tap the Save button.

Android 12 Scrolling Screenshot Capture More

4. Use Physical Buttons

In Stock Android, you can take screenshots using either the physical buttons i.e., a combination of Power and Volume buttons, or from the Recent apps screen. But the Capture more button appears only while taking the screenshots using the physical buttons. So make sure to use physical buttons for scrolling screenshots.

In my opinion, the Capture more button is missing on the Recent apps screen because it just shows a preview of the screen. It would be difficult to take scrolling screenshots from such a view. Having said that, it’s not impossible. We might see Google add the functionality in future updates. But it’s not available currently.

5. Check the Content

Next, make sure that the screen is scrollable or has scrollable content. If you are testing it on a page that fits on the screen without any scrollable content, you will not see the Capture more button. The Settings app is the best app to test the scrolling functionality in Android 12.

6. Check Supported Apps

You will be able to take scrolling screenshots in Android 12 in almost all apps having scrollable content, such as Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Contacts, Photos, YouTube, and more. However, the feature is missing in the browser apps like Chrome. I’m sure that’s the first app you might have checked for scrolling screenshots only to be left disappointed. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot take scrollable screenshots in Chrome. Check the next tip to know more about taking long screenshots in it.

7. Take Scrollable Screenshots in Chrome

Chrome has recently added a native screenshot feature. It also has the ability to take scrolling screenshots. So if you want to take a scrolling screenshot of a webpage in Chrome, you can use the native feature.

For that, launch the Chrome app and open the web page. Tap on the three-dot icon at the top followed by Share.

Android 12 Scrolling Screenshot Chrome Share Menu

Tap on Long screenshot. Drag the edges of the selection box to include the required area and tap on the checkmark icon to save the scrolling screenshot.

Android 12 Scrolling Screenshot Chrome Long

In case you don’t find the Long screenshot option, don’t worry. The feature is currently being rolled out and may take some time to appear in the menu. If you are eager to check it out, you may enable its flag.

For that, follow these steps:

1. Open Chrome and type chrome://flags in the address bar.

2. You will see a search bar on the page. Type long screenshot in the search bar.

3. The Chrome Share Long Screenshots flag will appear. Tap on the Default drop-down box and choose Enable from the menu. Relaunch Chrome.

Android 12 Scrolling Screenshot Chrome Flag

4. Open the webpage where you want to take a scrolling screenshot. Tap on the three-dot icon and select Share. Now you will see the Long screenshot option. Tap on it and capture the required area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Take a Screenshot of a Full Page Without Scroll

Android 12 doesn’t offer a one-tap feature to take screenshots of the full page. You will need to manually select the entire page to take its screenshot.

Where Are Long Screenshots Saved

The scrolling screenshots in Android 12 are saved in the regular Screenshots folder of your device. You can view them using any Gallery app.

How to Edit Scrolling Screenshots

When you select the area for the long screenshots, you will find the Edit icon at the bottom. Tap on it to edit the scrolling screenshots. You can crop the image, write text, and even draw on it. Alternatively, once you have captured a scrolling screenshot, use any gallery or photo-editing app to edit the screenshot.

Tips to Take Screenshots

Apart from trying the above methods, do check out other fixes for screenshots not working on Android. In case nothing helps in fixing the problem of scrolling screenshots not working in Android 12, you can always use third-party apps to take long screenshots. And if you are a Samsung Galaxy user, check out interesting tips for taking screenshots on it.

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