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Top 12 Ways to Fix Apple Maps Voice Navigation Not Working on iPhone

by Parth Shah
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Although most iPhone users prefer Google Maps to navigate around the city and unknown areas, some still use Apple Maps due to its excellent coverage in their region. With incorrect route info, limited coverage, and a lack of offline support, Apple Maps was a disaster upon launch in 2012. Even with frequent updates, some still run into issues where Apple Maps’ voice navigation is not working on iPhones. Read along to learn to fix the problem.

1. Unmute in Apple Maps

Let’s check some basics first. If you have muted voice navigation in Apple Maps, you can’t hear any audio in the app.

1. Open Apple Maps on your iPhone.

2. When you start navigation, tap the speaker icon in the top right corner.

unmute voice navigation in maps for iphone

You have three options to choose from. The first one enables voice navigation; the second option keeps the same for alerts only. The third option disables the turn-by-turn voice directions.

2. Enable Directions Pause Spoken Audio

You should enable the ‘Spoken Audio’ option in Maps Settings. The option pauses content like podcasts and audiobooks during spoken directions so that you hear directions clearly.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone.

2. Scroll to Maps.

maps in iPhone settings

3. Head to Spoken Directions in Maps Settings.

spoken directions option in apple maps settings

4. Enable the Directions Pause Spoken Audio toggle.

disable pause spoken audio in Maps for iPhone

Check if Apple Maps’ voice navigation is working now or not.

3. Enable Location Services for Apple Maps

If you have disabled location services for Apple Maps, it may not work properly and fail to give you voice navigation.

1. Head to Maps in iPhone Settings (check the steps above).

2. Select Location.

open location in apple maps settings

3. Tap While Using the App or Widgets.

enable precise location in apple maps settings

4. You should also enable the Precise Location toggle to allow it to use your specific location.

4. Enable Background App Refresh

Do you often fail to receive voice navigation when Apple Maps is running in the background? You should enable background app refresh for Maps so that it runs without any issues.

1. Move to Maps in Apple Settings (check the steps above).

2. Enable the Background App Refresh toggle.

enable background app refresh for apple maps settings

From now on, you should receive voice navigations even when the Maps is running in the background.

5. Increase Phone Volume

If you have dialed down your iPhone volume to zero, Apple Maps voice navigation won’t work. You should use the volume-up button on your iPhone to increase audio.

turn up volume for apple maps settings

6. Ensure an Active Internet Connection

Apple Maps doesn’t work offline, even after years of updates and developments. You need an active internet connection for it to work properly with voice navigation.

If you have network connection issues on your iPhone, enable the Airplane mode from the Control Center and disable it. You can also read our dedicated post to fix Wi-Fi problems on your iPhone.  

7. Refresh Location Services

You can disable and enable location services to fix the usual glitches with on-device navigation. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Launch Settings on iPhone.

2. Scroll to Privacy & Security.

select privacy and security in iphone settings

3. Select Location Services.

open location services in iphone settings

4. Disable the Location Services toggle and enable it again.

turn off location services in iphone settings

Now, open Apple Maps set your destination, and enjoy seamless voice navigation on the go.

8. Disable Bluetooth

If your iPhone is connected to a wireless stereo, headphone, or car system, Maps’ voice navigation will work on those devices. At times, when you connect your iPhone to the car system, iOS mutes the phone. You should disable Bluetooth on your iPhone and turn up the volume.

1. Swipe down from the top right corner to reveal the Control Center.

2. Disable Bluetooth. You can level up the volume from the same menu.

disable Bluetooth

9. Reset Location and Privacy

You should reset the location and privacy settings on your iPhone to fix Apple Maps voice navigation not working issue.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone.

2. Scroll to General.

select General

3. Select Transfer or Reset iPhone.

select Transfer and reset

4. Tap Reset.

select Reset

5. Select Reset Location & Privacy.

reset location and privacy

10. Enable Maps Directions on Radio

On cars that support it, you can hear spoken directions when you are listening to the radio.

1. Open Spoken Directions in Apple Maps Settings (check the steps above).

2. Enable the Directions on Radio toggle.

disable directions on radio on Maps

11. Reinstall Apple Maps

If none of the tricks work, it’s time to reinstall Maps and try again.

1. Long-tap on Maps and select Remove App.

remove maps from iPhone

2. Hit Delete App.

delete Maps from iPhone

You can now download Maps from the App Store and try your luck with voice navigation again.  

12. Update iOS

Apple frequently updates the Maps app with iOS software builds. You can update iOS to the latest version to fix Apple Maps voice navigation.

1. Open General in iPhone Settings.

2. Select Software Update and install the latest software build.

update iPhone

Enjoy Seamless Voice Navigation on iPhone

Apple Maps may not work properly in specific areas and dense locations. You can switch to Google Maps to get accurate voice directions on the go.

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