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8 Ways to Fix Google Meet Camera Not Working Issue on Any Browser

by Sudip
fix google meet camera not working issue

When it comes to the best meeting app, Google Meet stands on the victory stand without any doubt. From taking attendance to conducting a quiz, everything is possible in Google Meet. As Google Meet is a video conferencing app, the “video” plays the most emergent role, for obvious reasons. But some users have complained that others were unable to view them during the video call. It can happen due to various reasons irrespective of the operating system. Here are some of the best solutions you can go through to fix the Google Meet camera not working issue on Windows and Mac browsers.

Google Meet Camera Not Working

We have enlisted some of the best solutions, tips, and tricks according to the platforms and browsers.

1. Allow Camera in the Browser

It is probably the very first thing you have to verify. Whether you are using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, Google Meet needs camera permissions to function correctly. Google Meet asks for the camera and microphone permissions when you open the website for the first time. If you have blocked those permissions, here is how to re-enable them.

Google Chrome:

1: If you are using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Chromium browser to access Google Meet, open the official website of Google Meet and click the View site information button. That’s the lock button in the address bar.

2: It shows all the permissions in one place. If the camera is blocked, expand the drop-down list, and select the Allow option.

allow camera for google meet in chrome

Mozilla Firefox:

The Firefox browser doesn’t show settings like Google Chrome. It displays a popup menu when a website tries to access the camera. Therefore, click the Allow button when it asks for the same.

allow camera for google meet in firefox

Apple Safari:

If you are using the Apple Safari browser on macOS, click on the camcorder icon in the address bar and select the Resume option.

allow camera for google meet in apple safari

2. Allow Specific Site to Use Camera

If you have blocked a specific site like Google Meet from accessing the camera, you have to remove it from the list.

Google Chrome:

1: Open the Google Chrome browser and go to Settings

2: Next, go to Privacy and security > Site settings

3: Now, choose the Camera option from the list. 

4: If you find meet.google.com in the Block list, click the trash bin icon to remove it.

allow specific site to use camera in chrome

After that, open Google Meet on the browser and follow the first method to allow Google Meet to access the camera.

Mozilla Firefox:

1: Open the Firefox browser and go to the Preferences/Options panel. 

2: Click on the Privacy and Security option on your left-hand side. 

3: After that, click on the Settings button associated with the Camera. It opens up a list of websites that do/don’t have permission to access the camera. 

4: You have to select the website from the list and click the Remove Website button.

However, if it is not showing the website, move on to the next solution.

allow specific site to use camera in chrome

Microsoft Edge:

1: Open the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser and go to the Settings panel. 

2: Following that, click on Cookies and Site Permissions > All Sites > expand google.com > click on https://meet.google.com/. 

3: It shows all the permissions you have allowed and blocked for the specific website. Expand the Camera drop-down list, and select Allow option.

allow specific site to use camera in microsoft edge

Once done, go back to the Google Meet website and try to join a meeting. In the meantime, you will get an option to allow the camera.

Apple Safari:

1: Apple Safari users can click on the Safari menu and select Preferences > Websites > Camera

2: Click the drop-down list of meet.google.com and select the Allow option.

allow specific site to use camera in apple safari

After doing this, follow the first method to allow Google Meet to access your camera.

3. Allow Camera in Windows Settings

Windows Settings has a few options to allow or block the camera on device. 

1: To open the Setting, press Win+I and go to Privacy > Camera

2: On your right-hand side, you have to verify the following settings.

Make sure the Camera access for this device setting is turned on. Otherwise, click the Change button and toggle the setting.

allow access to camera on windows 10

Make sure the Allow desktop apps to access your camera setting is enabled. Otherwise, click the respective button to turn it on.

4. Allow Camera in System Preferences

The System Preferences panel on Mac includes an option letting you enable or disable the camera for a specific app. 

1: To get started, open System Preferences on your Mac computer and go to Security & Privacy > Privacy > Camera

2: Here, you can see a list of browsers and other apps that asked for camera permission earlier. If a browser is checked, it is allowed to access the camera and vice versa. Therefore, if your desired browser is not checked, click on the lock icon > enter your passcode/scan your fingerprint, and make a tick in the corresponding checkbox.

allow browsers to access camera on mac

Following that, you have to restart your browser.

5. Disable Google Meet Auto Disable Mic/Cam

Google Meet Auto Disable Mic/Cam is a Google Chrome extension that turns off the video and audio automatically based on selected settings. If you installed it earlier and it is malfunctioning now, it is better to disable this or any similar browser extension.

6. Set Default Camera From Google Meet Settings

If you have connected an external webcam to your laptop and want to use it as the default camera, it is better to choose it from the settings panel. The same thing can be done when using your iPhone as an external microphone or camera for Mac.

1: Open Google Meet website and click on the settings gear icon visible at the top.

2: Next, switch to the Video tab and expand the drop-down list to select your preferred camera.

set default camera in google meet

7. Verify VoIP Camera Settings

If you are using a VoIP camera app to use your mobile as an external webcam for a laptop or desktop computer, it is better to verify the connection. At times, they may get disconnected due to a glitch.

8. Check Webcam Protection in Antivirus

Not all, but some antivirus tools have an option to block apps from accessing webcam for privacy reasons. If you have such an antivirus or security shield installed on your computer, you can go through the options/settings panel.

Final Words: Google Meet Camera Not Working

Different people encounter this issue due to different reasons. As Google Meet has become an essential utility for employees working from home, you must check out these solutions to fix the Google Meet camera issue.

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