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Fix – Hey Siri Not Working on iPhone (2020)

by Kaushal

Recently Siri stopped working on my iPhone 11 and after a bit of research, I was able to fix it. However, my method was not organized at all and it was more of a hit and trial. That’s why I have listed the steps in which you can fix Siri not working on your iPhone without wasting your time on things that aren’t broken. Let’s begin.

1. Fix “Siri not Available”

If you see a screen that reads “Siri not available”, the first thing you should check is your internet connection. Unlike Google Assistant on Android, Siri doesn’t work offline. Even simple tasks such as setting up an Alarm needs internet access.

Your iPhone may have been disconnected from the Wi-Fi, if you use cellular data then it may have run out. You can also check that if the Airplane Mode is turned off.

Swipe down from the top right corner to open the Control Center and check if Airplane mode is turned ON or if Cellular data and Wifi are disabled.

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2. iPhone doesn’t answer to Hey Siri

All iPhones released after iPhone 6 have the capability to listen for the keyword “Hey Siri” and work without actually pressing any buttons. If your iPhone isn’t responding to Hey Siri then you should check if it is enabled in the Settings.

Open the Settings app and tap Siri & Search. Make sure Listen for “Hey Siri” is enabled. You can also enable “Allow Siri when locked to ensure that Siri would work even if it’s locked.

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3. iPhone doesn’t answer to Hey Siri sometimes

I have noticed that my iPhone doesn’t answer to Hey Siri when it’s lying with the screen facing down. If you want your iPhone to answer Hey Siri even if it is lying upside down then you can enable it from the Accessibility Settings.

Navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Siri > Toggle the Switch on next to “Always Listen for Hey Siri”.

4. Check Low Power Mode

On some older iPhones, Siri stops working if you put your iPhone in low power mode. While the newer iPhones don’t disable Siri with low power mode but if you have an older iPhone, give this a try. Disable the Low Power Mode to see if Siri starts working again.

Navigate to Settings > Batter > Low Power Mode > OFF.

5. Check Siri Language

Siri supports a lot of different languages and dialects so if you’re not a native speaker or have a different accent the Siri may have difficulty in understanding your queries. For instance, if you speak in a British accent then change the Siri language to that accent.

Navigate to Settings > Siri & Search > Language.

6. Restart your iPhone

If nothing else has worked out so far then it wouldn’t hurt to restart your iPhone. Sometimes a temporary glitch can affect the software which is usually fixed by turning it off and on again.

Press and hold the volume down and side button to power off your iPhone. Turn it back on by pressing and holding the side button.

7. Check the mic

When software isn’t the issue then it probably is hardware. Check if the mic on your iPhone is working properly. Open the Voice Notes app and record a small clip of audio. If it plays correctly then the issue is something else. However, if the audio sounds weird or muffled then it may be that the mic opening is covered with something. Try to blow into the mic grill on the left side of the iPhone to see if it makes any difference.

8. Reset Siri

If Siri still hasn’t started working again then you can try one last thing before taking it to the shop. Try and reset all settings on your iPhone and hope it fixes the problem. I understand it is the nuclear option but it might just work.

Navigate to Settings > General > Reset > Reset all Settings.

Closing Words

These were a few ways that you can try if Siri isn’t working on your iPhone. If nothing else has worked out then the last resort is to take your iPhone to the Apple Store and they would likely fix it for you. If I missed a method that can fix Siri, let me know in the comments below.

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