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Top 10 Ways to Fix Samsung Galaxy Phone Not Ringing

by Parth Shah
why is my Samsung not ringing

If your Samsung phone is not ringing, it can create a lot of confusion. You may miss most of the incoming calls on your phone. Before the situation gets out of hand, read along to learn how to fix the Samsung phone not ringing issue.  

1. Turn off DND (Do Not Disturb)

If you have enabled DND on your Samsung phone, it won’t ring for incoming calls. You can either turn off DND or allow calls during the DND period.

1. Swipe down from the home screen to open the notification center.

2. Swipe down again to check the quick toggles menu. Disable Do Not Disturb.

turn off DND on Samsung phone

If you want to allow calls during DND, follow the steps below.

1. Open Settings and select Notifications.

notifications on Samsung phone

2. Select Do not disturb.

DND on Samsung phone

3. Tap Calls and messages.

calls and messages in DND on Samsung phone

4. Tap Calls and allow incoming calls from contacts and favorites. You can also allow Repeat callers to reach you during an active DND mode.

allow repeat callers and contacts during DND on Samsung phone

2. Check Ringtone Volume

Do you frequently miss incoming calls on your Samsung phone? You need to increase the ringtone volume from Settings.

1. Open Settings and select Sounds and vibration.

sounds and vibration on Samsung phone

2. Tap Ringtone.

ringtone menu on Samsung phone

3. Use the slider at the top to level up the ringtone volume.

increase ringtone volume on Samsung phone

3. Select Sound Profile

If your Samsung phone is on vibrate or mute mode, it won’t ring for calls. You need to select Sound profile.

1. Access the quick toggle menu on your phone (check the steps above).

2. Tap the speaker toggle and set it to Sound. The other two modes are Vibrate and Mute, which you should avoid.  

sound profile on Samsung phone

4. Turn Off Bluetooth

Is your Samsung connected to a wireless earphone or headphones? Your incoming calls ring on the connected device and not on your phone. You should disable Bluetooth on your phone.

1. Access the quick toggle menu on your Galaxy phone (refer to the steps above).

2. Turn off Bluetooth.

turn off Bluetooth on Samsung phone

5. Change Ringtone

Are you using a custom ringtone on your Samsung phone? If you have accidentally deleted or moved the audio clip, your phone may not ring for incoming calls. You should pick one of the built-in ringtones.

1. Head to Sounds and vibration menu in Settings (check the steps above).

2. Select Ringtone.

ringtone menu on Samsung phone

3. Tap the radio button beside a ringtone to keep it as default.

change ringtone on Samsung phone

6. Check Modes That Enable DND Automatically

Samsung’s One UI software comes with several modes to change the phone’s settings based on your activity and situation. For example, the Theatre, Sleep, or Driving mode may enable DND for your convenience.

An active mode may be the reason why your Samsung phone isn’t ringing. You should disable DND for such modes. Here’s how.

1. Open Settings and select Modes and Routines.

modes and routines on Samsung phone

2. Select a mode you frequently use.

select a mode on Samsung phone

3. Disable the Do not disturb condition for the selected mode.  

turn off DND in mode on Samsung phone

7. Check Routines That Automatically Enable DND

Routines (previously known as Bixby routines) let you automate tasks on your phone. For example, you can automatically enable DND or decrease ringtone volume to zero when you reach the office or during work hours. You should delete such routines to let your phone ring for normal calls.

1. Open Modes and Routines in Settings (refer to the steps above).

open routines menu on Samsung phone

2. Move to the Routines tab. Select a routine.

select a routine on Samsung phone

3. If it’s set to enable DND or lower phone speakers to 0%, tap More.

check routine on Samsung phone

4. Select Delete.

delete routine on Samsung phone

8. Don’t Press Any Volume Key for Incoming Calls

If you accidentally press any volume key during an incoming call, your phone silences the ringtone. It’s intended behavior to silence incoming calls on your Samsung phone quickly.

9. Disable Call Forwarding

Did you enable call forwarding on your Galaxy phone and forget about it? The system diverts all the calls to another set number. You should turn off call forwarding.

1. Open the Phone app and tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner. Select Settings.

Phone settings on Samsung phone

2. Select Supplementary services.

supplementary services on Samsung phone

3. Tap Call forwarding. Select Voice calls.

call forwarding on Samsung phone

4. Turn off call forwarding from the following menu.

turn off call forwarding on Samsung phone

10. Update System Software

Outdated system software may cause issues like Samsung phones failing to ring. Samsung is at the top of its game with software updates. You should install the latest One UI build to troubleshoot such glitches.

1. Launch Settings and select Software update.

software update on Samsung phone

2. Download and install the latest system update.

Download One UI update

Check Incoming Calls on Your Samsung Phone

Samsung phone not ringing is never a desirable situation. At times, it even leads to chaos and mistakes. The tricks above should fix the Galaxy phone not ringing issue quickly. If you have issues with alarms not going off on your Samsung phone, check our dedicated guide to fix the problem.

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