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9 Fixes for Sound Not Working for Downloaded Videos on Samsung Galaxy Phones

by Parth Shah
Fix sound not working for videos on Samsung phone

Samsung offers a capable video player in the default Gallery app on Galaxy phones. While it supports most video formats, many have complained about the sound not working for offline videos. Many also faced audio issues while recording a video using the primary camera. If you are among them, check the troubleshooting steps below to fix the sound not working for downloaded videos on Samsung Galaxy phones.

1. Unmute the Video

Whether you use the default Gallery app or Google Photos, both apps mute the video by default. You need to unmute the video to hear the audio.

Google Photos

1. Launch Google Photos on your Samsung phone.

2. Select any video and tap the unmute button in the bottom right corner.

unmute video in Google Photos on Samsung phone

Samsung Gallery

1. Launch the Gallery app.

2. Open a video you want to play.

3. Unmute the video.

unmute video in Gallery on Samsung phone

Continue reading if the video still doesn’t play audio.  

2. Increase Phone Volume

If you have turned down your Samsung phone volume to zero, audio won’t work for downloaded videos and streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix, or Disney+. You can use the volume-up button to increase audio levels and try again.

increase volume on Samsung phone

3. Turn Off Bluetooth

Is your Samsung phone connected to wireless earbuds or headphones all the time? The video plays audio on your Bluetooth earphones, not the phone speakers. You can put the earbuds into the case or turn off Bluetooth on your Samsung phone.

1. Swipe down from the home screen to access the quick toggles menu.

2. Turn off Bluetooth and try playing the video again.

disable Bluetooth on Samsung phone

4. Download the Video Again

Are you trying to play a video downloaded from the web? You may have downloaded a corrupt video on your Samsung phone which is why the sound is not working. You can connect to a high-speed Wi-Fi network on your Samsung phone and try downloading the same video again.

5. Use Samsung Video Player App or Third-Party Apps

The default video player in the Gallery and Google Photos app may not work well with lesser-known video and audio types. The good news is both the Galaxy Store and Google Play Store are packed with third-party video players to play your favorite clips.

You can go with Samsung’s video player or everyone’s favorite VLC player from the Google Play Store.

1. Open the Galaxy Store on your phone.

2. Download the Samsung Video app.

download video player on Samsung phone

3. Open Video and give necessary permissions to check videos in the app.

Samsung video player

Download: Samsung Video Library

You can start playing a video without any audio issues. If the downloaded video sound still isn’t working, move to the VLC player.

1. Download the VLC player from the Google Play Store using the link below.

2. Launch the VLC player and check all the videos.

VLC player on Samsung phone

Download: VLC Player

VLC supports all the popular video files on Android.

6. Check Phone Speakers

Did you accidentally damage your Samsung phone’s speakers? You should closely check the phone speakers and try to play music from other apps. If the audio isn’t working due to damaged speakers, book an appointment at the nearest service center to get it fixed.

Over time, your Samsung phone speakers collect dust and debris and it may lead to muffled audio on your phone. You should clean the phone speakers and try again.

7. Close Other Apps in the Background

If you are already playing audio from social media or one of the streaming apps, your Samsung phone may fail to play audio from the downloaded video. You need to close conflicting apps and try opening the video again.

1. Swipe up and hold from the bottom to open the recent apps menu.

2. Swipe up on an app card to close it.

close apps on Samsung phone

3. Open the Gallery app and start video playback.

8. Keep the Microphone in Check While Recording a Video

Do you often end up with muted audio while recording a video on your Samsung phone? If you accidentally cover the phone microphone during video recording, it can’t catch the surrounding audio. You should clean your phone microphone. You can also remove the case and try recording the video again.

Some third-party cases may block your Samsung phone’s microphone. You should remove the cover and start video recording.  

9. Update System Software

Video sound not working on Samsung phones can be due to outdated software build on your phone. Samsung is quick with monthly security updates and major Android releases. You can update One UI to the latest version using the steps below.

1. Open Settings on your phone.

2. Scroll to Software Update.

software update on Samsung phone

3. Download and install the latest system build on your phone.

download one UI update

Enjoy Smooth Video Playback on Samsung Phones

Your Samsung phone’s beautiful display and powerful speaker setup are irrelevant when it fails to play audio from downloaded videos. The tricks above should fix such glaring issues in no time.

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