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7 Best Ways to Fix YouTube Keeps Asking for Update on Android and iPad

by Parth Shah
fix YouTube keeps asking for update

YouTube remains unrivaled in the video streaming space. While the service has never failed us in terms of reliability, one glaring issue may spoil your YouTube watching experience. We have seen the app keeps asking for updates on the home screen. If you are facing the same, here’s how you can fix YouTube asking for updates on Android and iPad.

Resolve YouTube Keeps Asking for Update

You won’t want to keep hitting the Not Now button whenever YouTube keeps asking for an update. Instead, you can follow the methods below and fix YouTube keeps asking for update issues once and for all.

1. Update YouTube App

There is a reason why YouTube keeps asking for updates on your Android phone and iPad. YouTube regularly releases updates with new features and bug fixes. Users aren’t keen to update apps from the Google Play Store or the App Store frequently.

That’s why we have apps like YouTube asking users to update the app. You can visit Google Play Store on Android or App Store on iPad and manually update the YouTube app.

If YouTube is still asking to update the app, then you need to apply the tricks below.

2. Install APK File from the Web (Android)

There can be times when you might have problems updating apps on Android. Instead of dealing with a cumbersome Play Store experience, you can grab the latest YouTube APK file from the web and install it on your phone.

However, don’t go with any random website to get the APK file. You might end up downloading bogus files on your phone. Instead, you should stick with reputed sources like APKMirror to grab an APK file.

3. Force Restart YouTube (Android)

You have successfully updated the YouTube app, but the asking for an update banner still isn’t going away for you. Chances are, Android is loading the YouTube app from the device cache. You can either force stop the app and terminate all the YouTube background processes from the background or clear the app cache and start again.

Let us show you how to force stop YouTube on Android.

1. Long press on the YouTube app icon and open the app info menu.

2. Tap on Force Stop and confirm your decision.

force stopping app on android

Try opening YouTube again and you shouldn’t notice the app asking for an Update Now banner in the app.

4. Clear YouTube Cache (Android)

For the reasons stated above, we will try clearing cache from the YouTube Android app and try our luck again.

1. Long tap on the YouTube app icon and launch the app info menu.

2. Go to Storage and data menu.

3. Tap on Clear cache and you are good to go without any update banner in the YouTube Android app.

clear youtube cache on android

5. Sign out and Sign in Again

YouTube keeps asking for update problems that might be related to your Google account. For time being, you can sign out from your YouTube account and sign back in. We will show you the steps for both Android and iPad.


1. Open YouTube and tap on the profile picture at the top.

2. Tap on Manager your Google Account.

3. Select Manage accounts.

manage account in youtube

4. Tap on your Google account and select Remove account from the following menu. Confirm your decision.

5. Go back to the Accounts menu, tap on Add account and select Google from the following menu.

add account in youtube

Sign in using your Google account details and YouTube should start working for you.


The process is much simpler on the iPad.

1. Launch YouTube on iPad and select the profile icon at the top.

2. Tap on your name and select Use YouTube signed out option.

sign out from youtube ipad

Sign back in using the same account details and the update banner shouldn’t bother you.

6. Use Incognito Mode

YouTube allows you to browse the service in Incognito mode as well. You won’t notice an Update banner in it.

Open YouTube and tap on the account picture at the top. Select Turn on Incognito option and enjoy YouTube in the private mode without an update banner.

enable private mode in youtube on android

7. Reinstall YouTube

If none of the solutions worked, you have no option but to delete the app and reinstall it from the store.

On Android, long-press on the YouTube app icon and open the app info menu. Disable the app from the following menu.

disable youtube on Android

On iPhone, long tap on YouTube and select Remove YouTube. Tap on the Delete app and iPadOS will uninstall the app.

Remove Annoying Update Banners from YouTube

YouTube keeps asking for updates may leave you in confusion. You might have updated the app already and you may wonder the app is still asking to update. The steps above will help you troubleshoot the problem in no time.  

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