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7 Fixes for Apple Music Not Working on Windows

by Ritesh Rawat
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The Apple Music app on Windows has gained a reputation for its numerous bugs and crashes. This is mainly because the app is still in its preview version. However, in this guide, we will provide simple solutions to enjoy a seamless Apple Music experience on your Windows PC. Here are some fixes you can try when the Apple Music app is not working on your Windows PC.

1. Basic Fixes

Let’s start by covering some basic fixes before we dive into more advanced solutions.

  • Check Internet Connection: To enjoy the Apple Music app on your Windows computer, it’s important to have a stable internet connection. So make sure that your internet is working properly.
  • Restart the App: Try closing the Apple Music app and then reopening it. This simple step might solve the issue you’re facing with the app.
  • Restart Your Computer: Restarting your Windows computer ceases all stuck processes. It’s the easiest way to fix and get things back to normal. So, restart your Windows computer and then use the app again.

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2. Update the Apple Music app

As the Apple Music app for Windows is still developing, the developers continuously release updates to ensure a more stable experience. So, let’s go through the process of updating the app on your Windows PC.

1. Open the Microsoft Store and click on Library. There, you can update the app. If the update is currently unavailable, click on Get Updates. If there is an update available, you will receive it promptly.

Update Apple Music

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3. Re-Login With Your Apple ID

If you’re still experiencing problems with the app even after updating it, try signing in again with your Apple ID, which has an Apple Music subscription. This might help resolve the issue.

1. To sign out from the app, click on your profile and select Sign Out.

Sign Out Apple Music

2. To access your account again, click the profile icon and select the Sign In option.

Sign In Apple Music

3. Enter the ID and password of the Apple ID with the Apple Music subscription. After that, click on Sign In.

Sign In Apple Music

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4. Reinstall the App

Another fix you can give a try when Apple Music is not working on your Windows computer is reinstalling the app. Reinstalling the app can fix problems by replacing damaged files, resetting settings, and ensuring compatibility with the most recent updates.

1. To uninstall the app, press the Windows key and search for Apple Music. Then right-click on the Apple Music app and click Uninstall.

Windows search option

2. Finally, you’ll get a confirmation to remove the app. Click on Uninstall, and the app will be removed.

Uninstall Apple Music

3. Reinstall the app again from the Microsoft Store and the Apple Music app may work fine.

5. Use Apple Music on Web

The Apple Music app for Windows is currently in its preview stage, meaning it’s not yet fully finalized and stable. This might lead to some problems or glitches while using the app. However, to overcome these issues, you can access the Apple Music web version through any web browser on your Windows PC.

This web version allows you to stream songs, create playlists, discover new music, and access your library, all from the browser’s convenience. It offers a smooth and reliable experience, ensuring users enjoy their music without interruptions or technical difficulties.

Apple Music web version

6. Close MSI Afterburner/ Rivatuner

MSI Afterburner and RivaTuner are two software applications that gamers often use to monitor and overclock GPU to enhance the performance of their graphics cards. Several Reddit users have found that running MSI Afterburner simultaneously with the Apple Music app was the reason behind the crashing of Apple Music on Windows. So close the MSI Afterburner and then run the Apple Music app.

MSI Afterburner/ Rivatuner

7. Try Cider

Cider, an Apple Music client for Windows, is a fantastic option for those seeking a personalized and efficient Apple Music experience. It goes beyond basic playback by offering features such as lyrics, radio, and integrations. However, it’s important to note that it doesn’t support lossless audio like the official app does.

Another drawback of Cider is that it’s not available for free. To enjoy its features, you have to purchase the app and must have an active Apple Music subscription. Several Reddit users have pointed out that Cider surpasses the Apple Music app designed for Windows and its macOS counterpart in terms of reliability, customization, and performance.


Download Cider

Glitch-Free Grooves

Say goodbye to Apple Music hiccups on Windows with these friendly fixes. Armed with these tricks, you’re ready for a seamless, uninterrupted musical experience. Hit play, relax, and let the good vibes flow. Happy listening, and may your tunes always be glitch-free.

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