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11 Fixes for Intel Unison Stuck on Connecting to Your Phone on Windows 11

by Abhishek Mishra
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Intel Unison’s USP (at least while launching) was that it supported the connection of a Windows PC with both Android and iOS devices. It is a rival to Microsoft’s proprietary phone connection solution Phone Link, but with better features. However, many users are facing an issue where Intel Unison is stuck on ‘connecting to your phone’ screen on Windows 11. If you are in the same boat, don’t fret. We will list out all the possible methods to resolve the issue on your system.

1. Check if Your PC Supports the App

Intel Unison app is primarily designed to work with Intel Evo 12th generation and newer laptops. While many users have succeeded in running the app with non-Evo laptops and desktops, it isn’t a definite guarantee that the app will work. So, check if your laptop has an Evo certification and packs a 12th-generation Intel processor. You can do it from the Setting > System > About section.

Moreover, the app only works with Windows 11 operating system. If you try to run it on Windows 10 or older version, it won’t work. Intel Unison supports Android 9 and above and iOS 15.0 or newer versions.

2. Terminate the App and Restart

Apps can face glitches and stop working properly. So, terminating and then restarting Intel Unison may help get past the stuck screen on Windows.

1. Right-click on the Start button to open the Power User menu. Click on the Installed apps option.

Power User Menu

2. Scroll down and locate Intel Unison. Click on the meatballs icon and select the Advanced options.

Manually terminate Intel Unison using advanced settings

3. Click on the Terminate button to completely close the app.

Manually terminate Intel Unison using advanced settings

4. On the Android phone, press and hold the Intel Unison app icon and tap the App info option. Now, tap the Force stop button and then tap on OK to close the app.

Force stop Intel unison Android

3. Run Windows Store and Bluetooth Troubleshooters

Windows offers inbuilt troubleshooters to diagnose and fix issues with hardware and software components. So, run the appropriate troubleshooters by following the steps below:

1. Press the Windows key + I to launch the Settings app. Navigate to Troubleshoot > Other troubleshooters section.

Other Troubleshooters page

2. Scroll down to the Other section and click on the Run button next to the Bluetooth option.

Other troubleshooters page

3. A new troubleshooter window will pop up. It will scan the system for issues and apply fixes accordingly. Click on the Close button.

Bluetooth troubleshooter

4. Open the Other troubleshooters page in the Settings app again. Click on the Run button located next to the Microsoft Store Apps option.

Other troubleshooters page

5. A new troubleshooter window will open again. Wait for the troubleshooter to identify and apply fixes for the problems (if any). Close the troubleshooter afterward.

Windows Store apps troubleshooter

4. Check App Permissions

Intel Unison must be always running in the background, so you can receive notifications instantly. If the app doesn’t have permission to run in the background, you will have trouble maintaining connectivity.

1. Launch the Intel Unison app on your phone.

2. Minimize the app and press and hold on to the app window to open the App info page. Go to the App permissions option and tap on it.

App info page Android

3. Scroll down to the Not Allowed section. Tap on a permission name and then select the Allow option. Repeat the same for all the permissions in the Not Allowed section.

App permissions in Android

4. Close the App info page and try connecting the mobile phone to the laptop.

5. Disable Battery Saver Mode

Battery Saver mode can sever connections like Bluetooth and close all the background apps to conserve power. So, you must disable the Battery Saver mode on both Windows laptops and Android Phones. Here’s how:

1. Press the Windows key + A to launch the Action Center.

2. If the Battery Saver is active, click on its icon in the Action Center to turn it off. You don’t need to worry about battery saver mode when your laptop is connected to a power adapter.

Disable Battery Saver Mode windows action center

On Mobile Phone

1. Unlock your Android phone and swipe down from the top to open the Notification panel. Swipe right to find the Battery saver option. Tap on the icon to toggle the Battery Saver off.

Disable Battery Saver Mode Android

2. Now, retry to establish a connection between phone and laptop using the Intel Unison app.

Check again if Intel Unison is still getting stuck on the ‘connecting to your phone’ screen on your Windows PC.

6. Remove and Re-pair the Phone

You can try removing and re-pairing the phone from the Intel Unison app for Windows. Here’s how to do it:

1. Launch the Intel Unison app on your laptop. Go to the top left area and click on the Computer icon. Now, click on the Manage my devices.

Intel Unison app

2. Click on the Forget this device button. The pairing window will launch automatically.

Intel Unison app device settings

3. Open the Intel Unison app on your mobile phone and it will bring up the Ready to connect screen. Tap on the Scan QR code option. Then tap on the While Using The App permission.

Initiate pairing on Intel Unison

4. Scan the QR code displayed on your laptop screen. A pairing code will appear on both your mobile phone and laptop. Click on the Confirm button in the desktop app.

Pair phone with Intel Unison

5. Your phone will be paired with the desktop app. Now, you can browse all the files stored in the phone storage.

7. Update Bluetooth Drivers

Outdated or corrupt Bluetooth drivers can wreck the connectivity between your computer and a Bluetooth device. So, update the Bluetooth drivers manually using Device Manager.

1. Right-click on the Start button to open the Power User menu. Select the Device Manager option.

Power user menu

2. Scroll down and expand the Bluetooth section. Right-click on the Bluetooth adapter name and select the Update driver option.

device manager window

3. Now, click on the Search automatically for drivers option.

Update Bluetooth Drivers using device manager

4. Wait for the utility to download and install the latest drivers for your Bluetooth device.

Updating Bluetooth Drivers using device manager

5. Close the Device Manager and restart your computer.

8. Update the App on Both Devices

Intel Unison app launched recently, so there is a high chance of it being riddled with bugs like getting stuck on connecting to your phone screen or disconnecting frequently. So, you must update the app to the latest version on both the Windows computer and mobile phone. Here’s how to do it:

1. Press the Windows key, type Microsoft Store, and press Enter.

2. Go to the bottom left corner of the Microsoft Store and click on the Library icon.

update Intel unison Windows

3. Scroll down and check if an update is available for Intel Unison. If yes, click on the Update button.

Download available update in MS Store

4. Wait for Microsoft Store to download the latest update and install it on your system. Close the Microsoft Store app.

On Mobile Phone:

1. Open the Google Play Store app on your phone. Tap on the Profile icon and then tap on the Manage Apps and Device option.

Google Play Store

2. Tap on the Updates available option. Check if there is an update available for the Intel Unison app. If yes, tap on the Update button next to the app.

Download Intel unison mobile update

3. Wait for the app update to download and install. It will automatically disappear from the Updates available list.

9. Use Clean Boot

Third-party software can conflict with the Intel Unison app and prevent it from connecting to your phone. So, performing a clean boot can help you identify the conflicting program and you can take manual action to disable or remove it. Here’s how:

1. Press the Windows key, type msconfig, and press Enter. Click on the Services tab.

System Configuration tool

2. Now, click on the Hide all Microsoft Services option. Then, click on the Disable all button.

Disabling services in System Configuration tool

3. Switch to the Startup tab and click on the Open Task Manager option.

Startup tab in MSCONFIG

4. Right-click on each startup program and click on the Disable option. Close the Task Manager window.

disabling startup items in Task Manager

5. Return to the System Configuration screen and click on the Apply button. Then, click on the OK button.

Applying clean boot changes

6. Restart your system. Check if the Intel Unison app manages to connect with the phone and is able to access files.

7. Now, repeat the same process and re-enable some services during the clean boot. Repeat this process until you are able to pinpoint the exact program conflicting with the Intel Unison app.

10. Repair or Reset the App

You can repair and reset some Microsoft Store and system apps on Windows 10 and 11. Try the repair option first, and then use the Reset option get Unison past the ‘connecting to phone’ screen.

1. Right-click on the Start button to open the Power User menu. Click on the Installed apps option.

2. Find the Intel Unison app in the list and click on the meatballs icon. Then click on the Advanced options.

3. Scroll down to the Reset section. Click on the Repair button and wait for the repair to execute successfully.

repair app using advanced settings page

4. Launch Intel Unison and check if it works now. If you still face the connection issue, revisit the Advanced options page of the app and click on the Reset button.

reset app using advanced settings page

5. Close the Settings app.

11. Reinstall Intel Unison

The last resort is to reinstall Intel Unison on both your Windows system and phone. Here’s how to do it:

1. Right-click on the Start button to open the Power User menu. Click on the Installed apps option.

2. Find Intel Unison in the list and click on the meatballs icon. Select the Uninstall option.

Installed apps page in Settings app

3. Reconfirm your decision and click on the Uninstall button.

Uninstalling Intel Unison in Windows 11

4. Now, open the Microsoft Store app and redownload and install the app on your system.

On Mobile Phone

1. Swipe up to open the App drawer on your Android phone. Tap and hold on to the Intel Unison app icon. Then, tap on the Uninstall option. Finally, tap on the Uninstall button again to remove the app from your mobile phone.

Uninstalling Intel Unison in Android

2. Open the Google Play Store app and search for Intel Unison. Download and install the app on your phone.

Now, you have to initiate the pairing process again to connect both devices in the Intel Unison app.

Access Phone Contents Wirelessly With Intel Unison

Intel Unison is a fantastic app that packs more features than Microsoft’s Phone Link app. Both of these apps are free and have their quirks and shortcoming. But we would pick Intel Unison for its excellent file-sharing feature. We hope that the above-mentioned methods helped you to successfully connect the mobile phone to your Windows laptop.

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