How to Convert Flash Drive Into a Portable Web Server

Facing Problem while running your Web Project online & working with Multiple locations?

There is a simple way to convert Pen-drive into web-server without installing any software on Multiple Computer. All you have to do is plug and play your pen drive.


What is USBWebServer?

It’s a combination of the popular web server software like Apache, MySQL, Php and PhpMyAdmin. UsbWebserver lets you develop and show your PHP websites, everywhere and anytime. You can use it from USB of even CD.

Why use it ?

1. Offline version of your website.

2. Anywhere and anytime develop PHP websites.

3. No need for expensive hosting

4. Testing your websites before putting it online

Download Software from Below Link

USBWebserver V8.5  —>here

USBWebserver V8.2  —>here

Referrer link :


Once downloaded  extract file to your USB drive

Click on Usbwebserver.exe to run web server

If you are running the web server for the first time ,Windows 7 firewall ask for permission to use it

Windows 7 firewall ask for permission to use it

Allow Firewall to access UsbWebserver

Then we get home menu of software

Root dir: This is the directory where you should place your website files

Localhost: The browser will open localhost and show your website LOCAL HOST PORT  http://localhost:8080/

PHPMyAdmin: The database management software PHPMyAdmin will be started The use webserver website

Running USBwebserver
Running USBwebserver

Now place your PHP / HTML website on root directory of software and Start your Project

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