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10 Best Flashcard Apps for Android to Improve Memory

by Vamsi Krishna
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When it comes to learning methods, Flashcards are one of the most effective methods. Using flashcards you can learn even complicated stuff with ease. The reason behind flashcards being this effective is something called Spaced Repetition. So, if you are looking for good flashcard apps for Android then here are some the best ones you can try right now for free.

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Flashcard Apps for Android

1. AnkiDroid

AnkiDroid is an open-source flashcard app that lets you access all kinds of flashcards on a wide range of things like math, chemistry, physics, language, geography, facts, biology, countries, history, etc. If you want to, you can create your own flashcards with text, images, sounds, and LaTeX. Once created, you can share the flashcards you created with the world using AnkiWeb so that others can make use of them. AnkiDroid is also available on other platforms like Windows, MacOS, Linux, and ChromeOS via AnkiWeb. Just signup for a free account and you are good for cloud sync.

Price: Free, open-source, contains no-ads or in-app purchases.

android flashcard app - AnkiDroid

2. Quizlet

While I highly recommend Duolingo. when it comes to learning new languages, however, it fell short in vocabulary department. So, if your main goal is to learn language and vocabulary then Quizlet is a good choice. Of course, other than languages and vocabulary, you can also use the flashcards to learn various other things like physic, chemistry, geography, space, anatomy, physiology, etc. What I really like about the app is that the flashcards are really good looking, detailed, and most of them even have simple text-to-speech voice-overs to listen and spell words and sentences.

Just like with AnkiDroid, if you can’t find the flashcard set you want, you can create your own with just a few taps.

Price: The app is free and contains ads. Some features like the ability to upload images, offline studying, no-ads, etc., are locked behind a paywall. To unlock you need to subscribe to their monthly or annual plan.

android flashcard app - Quizlet

3. Cram

Cram is yet another popular flashcard app that lets you access over a quarter of million flashcards with a variety of information. All the flashcards a divided into different sets in different categories so that you can easily access any set you want with just a few taps.

The best thing about Cram is it can operate two modes. The first mode is called Card mode where you swipe to learn new information. The second mode is Memory mode where you get to memorize and answer the cards. The app also supports offline mode so that you don’t have to worry about the constant internet connection.

Price: The app is free and has no ads or in-app purchases.

android flashcard app - Cram

4. StudyBlue

As you can tell from the name itself, StudyBlue flashcard app is specifically designed for students. Using StudyBlue you can take note and turn them into flashcards to quiz yourself and set study reminders. You can also get access to flashcards designed by other students on various subjects. The best part of the app is that you can customize the shared card or your own study materials with images and audio.

Another good thing about StudyBlue is the cross platform sync feature. You can create flash cards on your tablet, phone, or computer and they will all sync.

Moreover, StudyBlue can monitor your progress and give recommendations for various subjects or flashcards tailored specifically to you.

Price: The app is free. Some features like full access to study materials created by others are locked behind in-app purchases.

android flashcard app - StudyBlue

5. Vocabulary Trainer

Vocabulary Trainer app is as it sounds. i.e, you can create your own flashcards and decks with the language of your choice. Once created, you can go through them like any other regular flashcard app. while creating the flashcard, you can enable cards for auto-translations. Since the app support text-to-speech, you can listen to the vocabulary in the flashcards. If need be, you can import and export flashcards as and when needed. From the same import and export screen, you can download pre-defined vocabulary lists from dist.cc service/website.

Price: The app is free and contains ads. To remove ads you can purchase the pro version for around $3.5.

android flashcard app - Vocabulary

6. Dictionary.com Flashcards

If you’ve ever searched for the meaning of some obscure word then you might’ve come across Dictionary.com, one of the most famous websites to find definitions and synonyms among other things. The Dictionary flashcard app is very simple and straightforward. All the cards are categorized and have audio punctuation or a matching definition.

Depending on the grade level or subject you can customize the flashcards to meet your needs. The best part is, you can access all the 70,000 flashcards without any internet connection. You have to signup for a free account to get access, though.

Price: The app is free and contains ads. No in-app purchases.

android flashcard app - Dictionary

7. Super Flashcards

From all the apps shared here, what makes Super Flashcards special is its quiz types. It has three types of quizzes. They are the honor system, multiple choice, and exact text. Also, when you take the quiz you can either opt-in for a normal quiz or endless quiz. In case you are wondering, the Endless mode allows you to take the hardest questions over and over again so that you can better memorize them.

You can either create your own flashcards or you can import any and all publicly available flashcard lists. If you already have a Quizlet account, you can import your private lists into Super Flashcards.

Price: The app is free, contains ads and in-app purchases.

android flashcard app - Super Flashcards

8. Brainscape

Brainscape is unique in its approach where you will choose a subject or set of flashcards to learn and rate them how hard or easy they are as you go along. Depending on your rating the card will be shown over and over again to force you to remember the information. Just like the other apps on this list, you can either make use of pre-defined flashcards or create and share your own flashcards. The other thing I really like about Brainscape is its colorful user interface and the progress bar that lets you know how long you have to go.

Do mind that to use Brainscape you need to signup for a free account and choose whether you are a student, a professional, or a teacher. Depending on your choice, the flashcards will change.

Price: The app is free. For premium features like unlimited tests, browse mode, reversible cards, bookmarks, etc., you need to subscribe to their monthly, semi-annual or annual plans.

android flashcard app - Brainscape

9. Kids Flashcards

If you have small kids then use the Kids Flashcards app to make them learn basic stuff like alphabets, numbers, words, colors, animals, etc. For learning words, the app has professional voice overs. Since almost every kid loves to use gadgets like smartphones, it will make it easier for you to make them learn new things using flashcards. Just give the app try and see it your kid enjoys it.

Price: Free and contains ads.

10. Math Flash Cards

Once you are done with the Kids Flashcards app, you can move on to Math Flashcards apps. This app teaches your kids how to do basic math like additions, subtractions, multiplications, and divisions. The best thing about the app is that the problems are beginner friendly with just numbers 0 to 50. Moreover, the app will show some cards repeatedly so as to make them proficient and fast at doing basic math.

Price: Free and contains ads.

android flashcard app - Math Flash Cards

Hope that helps. Comment below sharing your thoughts and experiences about using the above flashcard apps for Android.

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