Working Late Nights on Computer? Try Flux

Are you having trouble falling asleep? Researchers have proofed, working late with computer affects our circadian rhythm, resulting in sleep deprivation.

night no sleep

Using PC or smartphones before going to bed is like coffee for our brain. They emit blue light that suppresses melatonin- a hormone responsible for your healthy sleep cycles.

But this habit is too hard to break. Right ? Well, guess what there is an app to solve this problem.

F.lux prevent eye strain by changing the color of your screen to orange-red instead blue. And this color change takes place gradually so that you don’t notice any difference.

Start by downloading f.lux on your computer. It’s available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Once done, install the app and you will see a screen like the following screenshot.


You can customize your geographic location, brightness and color properties. To get a preview of what those changes will look like click on the f.lux main dashboard and it will give you an overview of how your screen will change in next 24 hours.

Flux is also available for jailbreak iOS device but if haven’t done it yet, then try its alternatively called Home Sleep Apnea A-Z. Similarly, Android users can use Twilight which adjusts the light based on time of the day.

Apparently it won’t cure sleep deprivation if have some medical issue but for the most part, it’s the best solution.

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