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2 Free AI Web Tools to Remove Objects From Photos

by Gaurav Bidasaria
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Clicking photos is fascinating till you discover an unwanted object in it. Often, you can’t retake the shot since the moment is gone or you can’t move the object. Also, cropping it out from the corners may not be a viable option. Not everyone owns a Photoshop license and the Paint app isn’t much of a help on Windows.

Fortunately, online AI tools make it super easy to remove objects from pictures with a single click. After testing them in different situations, we found two good and free AI web tools to remove objects from photos.

1. Clearoff From Imagewith.ai

Imagewith.ai offers a straightforward way to remove objects from photos. There are three options for that, but the one you need is called Clearoff. Luckily, the Clearoff supports file sizes up to 50MB and pixel sizes up to 6000×6000 resolution. That’s great. Most online tools you’ll find let you upload photos of up to 5MB with the free version. Then, they ask you to cough up money to allow bigger files.

We downloaded some stock images from Pixabay to play around. For reference, we’ll use a photo of a drink on a beach.

Drag and drop the image on the Imagewith.ai website and give it a couple of seconds to process. When the image loads, click on the object to select and remove it. For instance, there’s a shadow of the glass on the beach. Here is how it looks.

After we clicked on the shadow, Clearoff removed it neatly. However, a small bit of the glass is also missing.

To counter this, you can use the Draw tool at the bottom which lets you take a hands-on approach. Select the object you want to remove from the picture manually using a brush to highlight it and AI will do a far better job. We recommend you zoom in and adjust the brush’s size to only highlight the part of the object you want to remove.

If you notice, it removes the straw and the finally, the glass itself.

Visit Clearoff from Imagewith.ai

While these are browser-centric AI tools, we have a separate guide for smartphone users who want to edit photos and remove objects and people from images on their mobile.

2. Object Remover (AI Image Larger)

AI Image Larger has many AI-powered web tools, and one of them is Object Remover. For some reason, this is the only one hosted on a separate domain. The good part is that, unlike other AI Image Larger tools, this is free without signing up.

It supports up to 2000px, and while file size is not mentioned, we tried uploading a 5MB image, and it went smoothly. Object Remover does a better job of removing objects using AI from photos, though the processing time is slightly longer. Let’s try the same beach photo again.

There is no click option like we saw in the AI object remover tool. You need to use the brush to highlight the object you want to remove from the image.

Click on the Erase button and see the magic happen.

Does a clean job of removing the shadow but let’s try another image for a change. Let’s see if it can correctly remove the balloons and recreate the background.

Overall, it does a good job, but if you look closely, you will notice the area where the balloons were supposed to be is a little darker than the rest of the image. So, the results will vary depending on the image and object you are trying to remove.

Visit Object Remover

AI Everywhere

New AI tools are popping up often, but not all are worth your time. There is a lot of hype and few good ones that do what it says on the tin. And most of you only need one good AI tool to remove objects and people from your images anyway.

Mobile users who have subscribed to Google One can use the Magic Eraser tool in Google Photos to remove objects and people from photos.

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