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Free Alternative Discord Bot for MEE6 Levels

by Ravi Teja KNTS
Free Alternative to Discord Leveling Bot to MEE6

You chose MEE6 as your Discord leveling bot, however, many basic level features are locked behind the premium plan. Well, one solution is to use another free Discord leveling bot. There are a lot of free MEE6 alternatives out there like Arcane, Atlas, and AmariBot. But people in your server will lose all the XP and levels they have earned. That’s where the Pepe Manager comes in. It’s a free Discord leveling bot that can import your MEE6 XP and levels and continue your leveling system from there.

MEE6 vs Pepe Manager

Before making the switch, let’s compare and understand why Pepe Manager is better than MEE6 for leveling.

1. Now without the premium plan, you cannot edit the server rank card for a user in MEE6. Pepe Manager provides it for free.

2. You cannot change the XP growth rate in MEE6’s free tier, but you can do it on the Pepe Manager.

3. In Pepe Manager, you can also change the XP rate for each channel and each role which is not even possible on MEE6’s premium plan.

4. Most importantly, you cannot reward a role to users that reached a specific level on MEE6 free tier. On Pepe Manager, you can reward roles to users and it also creates a special role for the user with the highest XP.

On top of it, it is one of the rare Discord bots that can import levels from other Discord bots like MEE6.

How to Get Started With Pepe Manager?

Before importing your MEE6 levels to Pepe Manager, first, you need to add the Pepe Manager bot to your Discord server.

1. Open Pepe Manager page and click on the Invite the bot button.

Inviting Pepe Manager to discord server

2. On the next page, log in to your Discord account on the browser, if you haven’t already.

logging in to Discord

3. Once done, select the server to add the Pepe Manager and click on Continue.

adding peepee manager to discuss server Yeah

4. On the next page, check and grant the permissions required by the Pepe Manager. As this is a leveling system, the bot requires permission for messages and files too. To grant, click on Authorize at the bottom.

Autherising Pepe manager don't discord

5. Complete the captcha if prompted and that’s it. You have added the Pepe Manager to your Discord server.

6. Now get back to the Pepe Manager website and click on the Sign in option at the top right, then sign in with your Discord account.

signing into Pepe manager

7. Once done, click on Go to Dashboard button on the homepage.

Go to the dashboard option

8. Then select the server to which you just added the Pepe Manager bot.

selecting the discord server

9. Now in the Pepe Manager Dashboard, in the Leveling section, click on the toggle beside Leveling to enable leveling on Pepe Manager.

enabling leveling system

10. Once done, click on the Save button in the left sidebar to enable Leveling on Pepe Manager.

Saving the changes and Pepe manager

How to Import MEE6 Levels Into Pepe Manager

Remember, the MEE6 bot should be installed on the same server in order for this to work.

1. To import MEE6 levels, first, you need to open the MEE6 Dashboard and then click on the Leaderboard option in the sidebar.

opening MEE6 leaderboard

2. Then make sure the Make my server’s leaderboard public option is turned on. Pepe Manager can access the leaderboard and levels only if you have enabled this option.

Make my servers leaderboard public

3. Now open the Discord server to which you have invited the Pepe Manager bot. Here click on the server name at the top left corner and select the Server Settings option.

opening server settings

3. In the Server Settings, select the Roles option in the sidebar, then drag the Pepe manager role above the MEE6 role. So the Pepe Manager role will be higher than MEE6 and it can check the leaderboard of MEE6.

changing roles permissions

4. Now click on the Save Changes button at the bottom to save the role settings.

5. Once done, get back to your server page and enter the following command on any channel that Pepe Manager can access.


6. Then press the Spacebar, now you should see the MEE6 option above to select.

importing MEE6 roles to Pepe Manager

7. You can press Enter and Pepe Manager will import all the MEE6 levels on your server with the help of the public MEE6 leaderboard of your server.

8. If you have a big server with a lot of users, then importing levels of all the users can take time. You can reduce that by selecting the until option.

until option in importing

9. Then enter the level in the until section. So that only the levels greater or equal to that will be imported.

importing levels until

10. Once you press Enter and send the command, you will be prompted with a warning saying that your levels of Pepe Manager will be lost and will be replaced by levels from MEE6. Just click on the Yes button to import MEE6 Levels to Pepe Manager successfully.

Conforming the import from MEE6 to Pepe Manager

How to Configure Pepe Manager for Leveling System

Pepe Manager comes with all the required features you did expect from a leveling bot. To configure all the settings, open the Pepe Manager Dashboard.

1. Under the Leveling section, select the XP Response Channel. The response channel is the channel where the bot informs users about their level upgrades. You can choose to send the response in the same channel or direct message to the user or we can also select a custom channel. You also have the option to set it to None to not receive any update on level upgrades.

XP response channel

2. Under it, you can also customize the XP Message to send for an XP upgrade.

3. By default, Pepe Manager will not count the messages in the threads. However, you can enable the XP In Threads option.

XP in Threads

4. Under the XP Role Rewards, enter the level number and select a role for that. Now whenever users get to that specific level, they will get a new role assigned that you have set. By setting a role according to their level, later you create channels that only users with specific roles can access. So only the active users will be available on those specific channels.

XP Role Rewards

5. XP Multiplier is the rate at which the XP increases. Some bots increase XP really fast making users jump levels even faster. In Pepe Manager, you can configure the XP multiplier for free. Select the Global option and set the multiplier to what you need. If you like to continue at the same speed as MEE6, then enter 0.65.

6. Apart from just Global, you can set the different multipliers for each role and channel too. So if users message more on that specific channel, they will see an increase in their XP more or less than other channels accordingly.

XP Multiplier

7. You can also blacklist channels, so people won’t get any XP messaging on those channels. Or else, you can only whitelist a few channels, so people receive XP by being more active in those channels.

XP Channels

8. Pepe Manager also has a Top XP Role and No XP Roles. It will give the Top XP Role to the one with max XP and top role whereas No XP Roles will be given to all the users without any XP.

9. Along with that, you can set when to reset the levels. So that their levels will be removed or gone after they leave, you ban them, etc.

Top XP Role and Non XP Roles

10. Once done, click on the Save button in the sidebar to save all the changes you have made.

Saving the Pepe Manager Leveling System

There are other functions Pepe manager can do such as role management, emoji management, image manipulation, etc. You can check and configure if needed.

How to Use Pepe Manager for Levels

Once everything is in place, Pepe Manager mostly works automatically. It will increase the XP of the users at the rate you have set and it will automatically assign users roles according to their level. But apart from that, you can users of the server can do some actions manually by using the commands.

1. By using the following command, you can get the rank and XP of the following user. It can be done by all the users on the server to check their and their fellow user’s ranks, levels, and XP.

/levels {USER}

2. As an admin, you can add, remove or set any user XP by simply using the following commands. Here, USER, is the username of the user and AMOUNT is the amount of XP you want to add, remove, or set.


3. Use the Command /leaderboard to get the leaderboard of all the users.

4. /members command will show how many members have been added to your server today. Whereas /membersgraph shows the growth of your server members in a graph view.

5. For additional info and commands, press / and select Pepe Manager from the sidebar in the pop-up. This should all the needed commands of the Pepe Manager.

Moving From MEE6 to Pepe Manager Discord Bot

Apart from Pepe Manager, there are many other free Leveling system Discord bots like Atlas, but they can’t import data from MEE6. Other bots like the Carl bot have leveling system and can import from MEE6 but the feature is locked under a paid subscription. Pepe Manager is the only popular leveling system bot that has all the needed features and an option to import completely for free. You can also check other free Discord bots that you may need for your server.

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