Numbertank- Make Free Call to Any Mobile With Computer

Update: Apparently, NumberTank website is not working. It’s asking users to download their link to use their service. I have sent an email to the admin. Let’s wait for his/her reply. Thanks

Update 1: Got a reply from the team. The have permanently closed the website and moved to the Numbertank android app. (screenshot)

Update 2: I just tried (Jan 2016) their mobile app, and it seems, they have remove the call feature from Indian users.

Steps to use Numbertank mobile app.

how to use number tank

#1 Install the app from Google play.

#2 Create a new account. I already had one with them, but it didn’t work.

#3 Verify you mobile number.

#3 And once you are in, go to cal > new call > add contacts and that’s it.


There are numerous ways to make free calls from PC to mobile. Some popular ones are- Google Hangout, Skype etc. Even rumor has it, WhatsApp will soon roll out allow voice calling.

But there is one big problem with that i.e. both parties should have an internet connection to use any above mention VoIP service.

However, many people still don’t don’t have high-speed internet in their phone. (2G is not sufficient for VoIP communication) So we need a workaround that enable to make free calls from that don’t require, the recipient to have an internet connection.

Free Call to Any Mobile – Numbertank


Numbertank is a service, enable you to call mobile phones from your pc, for zero Rupees. It is a product of Shantai Technologies Limited.  As of now, you can make Free Call to any mobile like India, Canada and the US and few more countries.

All you have to do is, create a Numbertank account, invite your friends and make calls for free. As simple as that. It’s completely free and most important ‘it works’.

How to create a Numbertank account?

Apparently Numbertank is members only website. So how do we become its member? Well, The faq page says, the only way to join Numbertank, is by getting an invitation code from register user.

If you don’t know anyone who is already the member, then you can apply for an invitation by leaving your email address in their homepage. To send an invite, use this custom link.

Register for Numbertank without invitation

Click here to go to special url (see the screenshot below). And enter your name, email address, and mobile no. You will have to verify your e-mail and mobile number. Once you do that, you can invite your contacts and enjoy free calling.
Register for Numbertank without invitation

If the special url, don’t work then you can contact me for an invitation. I will be happy to help you out.

Advantages of using Numbertank

  • Free calls from Computer to any mobile phone
  • Phone that receive the calls, don’t need to have internet
  • You get 30 free minutes everyday
  • Voice clarity is decent that VoIP

Limitation of Numbertank

  • You can only call to members of Numbertank, who are on your contact list
  • Becoming a member without invitation code, is not easy
  • Voice clarity is not very good like cellular networks


Numbertank is good way to make long calls with your close friends, loved once and business partner. I use it to make 30-40 min calls. Voice clarity is not extremely good but easily get the job done. And the best part is, the recipient don’t require to have a smartphone or internet connection.


I use numbertank to make free calls from my computer (connected to broadband) to my old Nokia 1208 (with no internet connection).

And it works like a charm.

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