Free HQ Images You Can Use Without Linking to Source

Yesterday, I published a video on ‘top 10 myth in technology‘. And while I was making that video, I needed images. Images that are high quality, relevant to my content and off course royalty free.

Yes, I know, there are some websites (like Flickr and Google Image Search) that offer HQ images for free. But there, you have to link back to the source. Now don’t take me wrong. There is no problem in returning value but in some cases like a video, this is not possible, and you can not edit it later.

free stock images download-Unsplash

So I had two options– either buy stock images from Shutterstock or look for websites that offer HQ images with nothing in return. I choose the second option.

And after a bit of research, I discovered quite a few websites had a huge collection of free, high-quality images, without asking you to link back. All these website offers:

  • High Quality/ Resolution Images
  • Free Images even for commercial use
  • No credit link/ permission/ attribution require
  • No Ads or watermark on the picture

Get High-Quality Images For Your Blog

#1 Unsplash

FREE images - Unsplash
FREE images Sample – Unsplash

Unsplash is the one of the best spots for high-resolution images. It delivers ten photos in 10 days right into your mailbox.

All the images are Free, High resolution. But they are better suited for a travel blog or photography niche. And since I have a tech blog, it’s not useful to me.

#2 Pic jumbo

FREE images sample- Picjumbo
FREE images sample- Picjumbo

Here you can find photos based on different categories. Pictures are high resolution and free to use everywhere. There is no need to give any credit or link back to the source but the author greatly appreciated it if you do.  

#3 Pixabay (my go-to destination)

FREE images Samples- Pixabay
FREE images Samples- Pixabay

This is my favorite websites. In fact, now, I even contribute to it. Remember the video I was talking about in the beginning, well, I got most of the images from Pixabay.

They have a huge database of high-quality images. If you need images for food, tech, travel or anything, you will probably find on Pixabay.

Although there are no categories your can use the search images with keywords. The website follows fair use policies, which mean you can do anything with the images, but you can’t claim the ownership of the pictures. Fair enough.

#4 Free

FREE images Samples-freeimages
best free stock images-FreeImages

#5 IconFinder

Launch in 2001, IconFinder has now become a vast resource of stock images. All you have to do is create an account, and  you get access to tons of high-quality images, which you can use on your blog or anywhere you want. You can do both image search box with keywords or browse by category.

Screenshot from- iconFinder
Screenshot from- iconFinder

I use this website for high-quality icons. Some of you might be thinking that these icons can be found by simple Google search. But this site has lots of options.

#6 Wordle

Create a free feature image with wordle
Create a free feature image with Wordle

Ok, It’s not a free images website, but a web app. So instead of providing FREE images, you can use this services to generate “word clouds” from a couple of keywords. All you have to do is, enter some word (or URL) and it will make cool typographical text from it. You can also customize colors and arrangements.

The only downside is, since this tool is built in Java, you cannot save images directly, but you have to take its screenshot instead. Or use Pablo for creating images with quotes/announcement

#7 Download 75 Free Stock Photos

Free stock images from Hubspot
Free stock images from Hubspot

Hubspot,  also offer 75 high-Quality photos for free. All you have to do is fill a simple survey. No credit link require. They get data from you, and you get high-quality images. Everybody is happy. However, I found some of these images are quite overused on the web, so do a reverse Google search before uploading them.

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I have done my research and can assure you; these sites provide HQ images with no expectation of return. However, their policies can change anytime. So, do your research by going through their faq page. Especially if it’s a big project.

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