4 Amazing and Free Invoice Apps for Android

While nothing can really replace your traditional accounting software, mobile invoice apps have come a long way. They offer a number of advantages and features which are comparable to a web or desktop solution. Why get stuck with your desktop when you use free invoice apps to send an invoice, manage accounts, and see reports on the move?

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Free Invoice App for Android

Here are some of the best invoice apps you can use based on your specific needs, business, and budget.

1. Invoice2pdf

Invoice2pdf is the most simple and minimalist looking invoice maker app on the Android platform. It comes without the usual bells and whistles that I will discuss in the coming apps.

You can either create an invoice without tax input or you can create one with taxes. There is no cloud support and all the data is stored locally. The app is ad-supported with no upgrade plans.

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You can choose a currency, tax type, invoice id, due days, and enter bank details where you want the money to be deposited. You can also add product description.

Pros: Supports web, iOS, and Android platform. Good for newbies and people who find it difficult to work with mobile devices. Think elderly people. Gets the job done quickly. A simple and skeletal approach.

Cons: Not very professional, no way to brand the invoice, and uses a rather too simple format.

Verdict: Invoice2pdf is suitable for someone who is looking for a quick fix and doesn’t need to send invoices regularly. Once in a few months affair, if you will.

Download Invoice2pdf (Free)

2. Zoho Invoice Generator

Zoho Corporation offers a suite of apps and services like accounting, notes, CRM and more. But in this article, I am going to discuss the free invoice generator app that is available on the Play Store with no strings attached. You don’t even have to sign up or log in.

Simply download the app and begin creating your first invoice. In fact, the app promises to finish the process in 3 simple steps.

In the first step, you add your details name, number, address, date, invoice no. etc. In the second step, you will enter client details. Here, you will also enter item details for which you are charging the client. In the third and final step, you will generate a PDF invoice and send it to the client.

Pros: The app is free and comes without any ads. It is very stable and simply works with no account required. You can input tax.

Cons: Lacks advanced features like reports, charts, and follow-ups that I will discuss in the below apps.

Verdict: Zoho Invoice Generator is a nifty little app that will get you started in no time. Extremely simple to use and works out of the box with no strings attached. You can go to the Zoho suite for a more robust solution or try one of the below apps for free.

Download Zoho Invoice Generator (Free)

3. Invoice Maker – Tiny Invoice

Tiny Invoice is not tiny in any sense. In fact, this free invoice app is jam-packed with features that you will love. Create a free account, no Google sign up option, and you can set up your business name, number, and currency.

You can create invoices, POs, and estimates using the free invoice templates that come with the app. You can also create customer accounts, items/products, and memos. There is a feature to record expenses on individual items.

Freelancers often work on projects by the hour which means they also charge their customers on an hourly basis. Tiny Invoice will allow you to record the number of hours you spent on the client’s project and set a rate per hour. An invoice will be generated automatically.

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There is a report section where you can see your overdue, outstanding amounts based on client and project. It really helps with month end forecasts, and you can send reminders where they are due.

Pros: The app is free with no ads and data is synced in the cloud. It is simple and the invoice looks good. Also available for iOS. You can manage multiple clients, accounts, items, and assign them accordingly.

Cons: Sync between Android and iOS devices is not seamless, sometimes lags slow. The developer is working on an update.

Verdict: Tiny Invoice is powerful little customer and free invoice app that comes with sales reports and templates. You can keep track of hours and bill accordingly which is powerful, for example, web design or coding companies.

Download Invoice Maker – Tiny Invoice (Free)

4. Invoice by Wave

Wave Apps has a unique business model. It will allow you to use their accounting, invoicing, and receipt scanning features for free, forever. This is amazing because their free invoice maker app is robust and comes packed with features.

Once you open the app, you can create an account or log in using Google account. No FB option. It will ask you to enter your details and select your country and currency. Next, you will be asked to create a template, complete with branding, that you can use whenever you want. There are different formats and templates to choose from.

Invoices are categorized into 4 categories: sent, viewed, overdue, paid. This gives you a bird’s eye view of who owes you what and at what stage. The invoices are beautiful to look at and items are color coded. It will create a positive image, giving a feeling of professionalism. You will receive notification when the invoice is viewed. Comes with smart notifications.

Their companion app, Receipts by Wave, will allow you to scan receipts and automatically create entries in their accounting software. Again, this is free to use. They also offer payroll and credit card processing services in select countries, and this is how they make their money. You can upgrade to receive money, generate entries, and mark invoices accordingly.

You can use Invoice by Waveapps for more than one company. No need to sign out and log back in. Saves a lot of time if you are a writer and a WordPress designer like me.

Pros: Wave app will allow you to not only create and send beautiful looking invoices but also track them. You can also use it for accounting and credit card processing. The latter is not free.

Cons: Can’t handle taxes and the digital signature is missing which may be required by some business owners.

Verdict: Wave is robust software with companion apps that will allow you to have total control over your small business functions like invoicing and accounting. These features are free to use and work out of the box.

Download Invoice by Wave (Free)

Wrapping Up: Free Invoice App for Android

I like Zoho Invoice Generator for its simplicity and no strings attached concept. It simply works. Even people who find it difficult to handle smartphones should be able to use it.

I liked Tiny Invoice because it was very simple to use, came with a robust set of features including hour tracking, estimates, and POs. It is good for freelancers and small businesses who work by the hour. You can also use it if you work on a per-project basis.

Finally, I like Invoice by Waveapps for its powerful set of features. This is good for business owners who are looking for an all-in-one solution with accounting. Plus, ability to scan receipts is an added bonus.

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